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People in Chile have defeated a failed government

People in Chile defeated a failed government. Chilean right-wing parties won a majority of votes on Sunday to elect advisers to draft a new constitution, making a sharp shift from a progressive majority that drafted a failed first constitutional rewrite.

With 95% of ballots tallied, Chile`s Republican Party, led by former conservative firebrand presidential candidate Jose Antonio Kast, secured nearly 35% of the vote, according to Reuters. They promise to stay at the right side, not only for years, but decades to come.

This is a political earthquake I must say. The right-wing party won a super-majority, and they are on the way to changing Chile like never before. The right-wing party won more than 30 seats, and that is more than enough to pass a constitutional reform as they want.

Photo by Osvaldo Castillo on Pexels.com. Who made the stone men?

The Republican Party in Chile is led by a lawyer by the name of Jose Antonio Cast, and he is often referred to as the Bolsonary of Chile. Jose Antonio is the leader of Chile`s nationalist-populist coalition.

The leftists in Chile turned the country into the first official woke nation of Latin America, and CNN called it one of the most progressive constitutions on the planet. But the Chilean Patriots fought back, and here we have the results.

Voters in Chile have overwhelmingly rejected a new constitution due to replacing the one drawn up under Gen Augusto Pinochet`s military rule. In a referendum, almost 62% voted against the progressive draft.

The process to replace Chile`s military rule-era constitution started three years ago after mass protests rocked the nation, which is normally seen as a haven of stability in the region.

Almost 80% of Chileans voted in favor of replacing the old constitution in a referendum in October 2020. but the new document, drafted by a constitutional convention whose members had been chosen by voters, proved too radical for many, according to BBC.

Monica, a voter in the capital, Santiago, told AFP news agency: «Chile needs change, but it does not need communism, and that is what this process was attempting. It was creating inequality and division in Chile.»

The right-wingers in Chile promise to rewrite the constitution based on traditional conservative Chilean values. Not woke values.

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