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America do support the rights of all people to have freedoms bestowed on them and that`s why America are withdrawing from the UN Human Rights Council

We are living in a world were those who are set to protect the people arent doing it at all, but rather doing the opposite. Thats a big crime. The one who should do something about it is the Human Rights Council, but what we see is that they has become an exercise in shameless hypocrisy with many of the world`s worst human rights abuses going ignored.

The Trump administration is committed to protect and promote the God-given dignity and freedom of every human being. Every human being has rights that are inherent and enviable.

They`re given by God and not by Government. Because of that, no government must take them away.

America has a proud legacy as a champion of Human Rights. A proud legacy of the worlds largest provider of humanitarian aid, and a proud legacy of liberating oppressed people and defeating tyranny throughout the world.

While America do not seek to impose the American system on anyone else, they do support the rights of all people to have freedoms bestowed on them by their creator.

That is why America are withdrawing from the UN Human Rights Council. An organization that is not worthy of its name.


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President Vladimir Putin use driverless transportation buses at the World Cup in the city of Kazan

Silicon Valley are pushing hard to release driverless vehicles and we know Google is in front of that revolution. But they are not alone. Russia is also in front of that revolution, and President Vladimir Putin are highly supporting driverless vehicles.

Russia has launched their new driverless transportation buses at the World Cup in the city of Kazan, and Russia`s truck maker are showing the world their technology skills. So far, their unmanned vehicles are banned on the open road, so they will travel only 650 meters.

(KamAZ «shuttle» is a bus with the autopilot on electricity. It was first presented at the Moscow International Automobile Salon in 2016)

The truck maker is KAMAZ PJSC, which is co-owned by German automaker Daimler AG and Rostec. KAMAZ is taking the fans from Kazan`s meeting point to the Kazan Arena. The driverless buses will drive on an empty road with no traffic which is surrounded by a light fence to keep away animals and pedestrians.

KAMAZ demonstrated the first autonomous electric bus a few days ago, according to the company. The unmanned M2 category small-class SHATL (Wide Adaptive Transport Logistics) vehicle, developed by KAMAZ in cooperation with NAMI, is intended for hard-surface roads, using data from digital maps, navigation systems and technical vision organs.

«Electric and unmanned vehicles are currently amongst the main directions of development in Russian engineering industry», as stated by the general director of KAMAZ Sergei Kogogin. «SHATL is our latest development, upon the example of which, the main trends in car manufacturing may follow.

KAMAZ is only one of our unique driverless vehicle models. Specialists in KAMAZ are actively working on such models at the moment, within the framework of the development of intelligent transport systems.»

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Boring Company will start to build a high-speed transit tunnel in Chicago

Elon Musk have a boring company, but how boring is that company when we know that they are building high-speed express trains? Not much. One of their first contracts is now a reality and people in Chicago can start to look forward to the future at O`Hare International Airport.

Three months after the Boring Company was selected as a finalist in a bid for Chicagos high-speed transit tunnel, the office of Mayor Rahm Emanuel confirmed on Wednesday that Elon Musks Boring Co has been chosen to build the express train that will connect O`Hare International Airport with downtown Chicago.

The Boring Companys transit system, likely in the form of underground high-speed tunnels, will come as a relief to the travelers who currently spend 40 minutes or more and pay as much as $60 for travel by taxi from the Loop, Chicagos downtown central business district, and O`Hare International Airport.

Passengers will be able to travel at high-speed between the two destinations in as little as 12 minutes and at a cost of $20 to $25 per trip.

The transit system will be part of an $8,5 billion overhaul of O`Hare airport. The Boring Company estimates project costs to come in below $1 billion.

The company is near completion on a test tunnel beneath SpaceX and will offer «free demo rides» to the public, barring final regulatory approval.

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The historic Singapore summit went beyond all expectations but the Dems slam Trump over the outcome

June 12, 2018, is a historic day. President Donald Trump is the first U.S President to sit down and negotiate with the North Korean dictator. And he made a deal with Kim Jong-un. He makes the world a better place. Isn`t that great?

Not all are positive to what happened in Singapore on Tuesday 12 june. The Dems slam Trump over the outcome of Singapore summit. Some of those people are also those who said the summit was dead before it started.

There is no doubt; Singapore summit went beyond all expectations, and it is a good start.


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President Donald Trump will meet Kim Jong-un and talk about denuclearization

What a historic moment this is. President Donald Trump announced today that he will meet North Korea`s dictator Kim Jong-un in Singapore on June 12. This is great leadership and people should be proud. This is a historic time.

Mr Trump says he will meet Kim Jong-un to talk about denuclearization in the Korean peninsula, but he also said he does not expect to sign any agreement with Kim Jong-un. He conceded that Kim Jong-un «wants to be careful» with his decision, and that «he is not going to run and do things» as demanded by the US government.

Mr Trump is not only Making America great again, but also the World great again.




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