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The Trump administration funded Operation Warp Speed with $6 billion and their goal is to deliver 300 million doses by January 2021

Biden has repeatedly said that Trump is doing nothing to save the people from Covid-19. So has the Media Mob. But the fact is that Trump has done a lot to get a new vaccine on the market. Normally, it takes 5 to 10 years to get a vaccine on the market, but Trump and his administration did it within a few months.

What Trump has been working hard on is Operation Warp Speed (OWS). The first news report of OWS was on April 29, 2020, and the program was officially announced on May 15,2020. OWS was formed to encourage private and public partnerships to enable faster approval and production of vaccines during the COVID-19 pandemic.

OWS is funded with about $10 billion from CARES Act (Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security) passed by the United States Congress on March 27, 2020. OWS`s overall goal is to deliver 300 million doses of a vaccine by January, and that`s enough to immunize 45% of the population.

Two companies are backed by OWS and that is Pfizer and Moderna. Both have announced positive results from their final stage of trials. Pfizer`s vaccine was found to be 95% effective in preventing COVID-19, while Moderna`s was found to be 94,5% effective.

OWS awarded Moderna $955 million to advance its clinical trials and another $1,5 billion to manufacture and deliver 100 million vaccine doses.

Pfizer`s contract is different. Pfizer received $1,95 billion to manufacture and distribute 100 million doses, but it did not accept funding for research or development.

The Media Mob said that Trump was stealing the cred for the vaccine, but most of the Warp Speed`s budget, around $10 billion, came from congressional funds awarded in the spring, according to the HHS.

A September Bloomberg Investigation found that the Trump administration siphoned additional funds to Warp speed that were meant for another public-health program. That included $6 billion from the Strategic National Stockpile and $1 billion from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

With FDA-authorized vaccines, we will hopefully get back to normal by the summer of next year, and hopefully, COVID-19 is under control before the next flu season……

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DSA are socialists because they share a vision of a humane social order based on popular control of resources and production

Democratic socialists are rising in America, but who are they? DSA stands for Democratic Socialists of America, and on their website they say that “DSA is the major organization on the American left with an all-embracing moral vision, systematic social analysis, and political praxis rooted in the quest for radical democracy, social freedom, and individual liberties.”

The party has been around since 1982, and it started as an activist organization. In the early 80`s, they had meetings and talked about Carl Marx. According to their own website they say; «….that both the economy and society should be run democratically to meet human needs, not to make profits for a few.»

DSA is founded by two organizations from the 60s and 70s, which is New American Movement and Students for a democratic society (SDS). SDS is the group that produced Bill Ayers, Bernadine Dohrn and The Weather Underground terrorist group that was responsible for 25 bombings in the early 1970`s.

In 2011, the DSA joined the Anti-fa group in the Occupy Wall Street movement from day one. At that time, the DSA had only 6,500 members, but now they have more than 24,000 members. The group has mounted a national student debt campaign. The group also supported the «Black lives matter» movement.

The Occupy Wall Street (OWS) was a protest movement that began only six days after 9/11.

The movement started in Zuccotti Park, located in New York City`s financial district, receiving global attention and spawning a surge in the movement against economic inequality worldwide.

The OWS slogan “We are the 99%,” refers to income inequality and wealth distribution in the US between the wealthiest 1% and the rest of the population.

Occupy London began in solidarity with the Occupy Wall Street protests in New York, and it was a movement for social justice and real democracy in London, England. It started 15 October 2011, and it was a part of the international Occupy movement.

Some media described it as an “anti-capitalist” movement.

They also helped raise money for the national network of abortion funds. They want free universal health care and a guarantee of basic income. Their favorite president candidate was Bernie Sanders in the 2016 election.

DSA are working to legitimize socialism as a mainstream part of US politics. On their website they say; “We are socialists because we share a vision of a humane social order based on popular control of resources and production, economic planning, equitable distribution, feminism, racial equality and non-oppressive relationships. We are socialists because we are developing a concrete strategy for achieving that vision, for building a majority movement that will make democratic socialism a reality in America.”

It says “popular control of resources and production.” That sounds to me like Carl Marx. So, what is the difference between Socialism and Communism? Lenin called himself a Democratic Socialist. He said;

“We Social-Democrats always stand for democracy, not “in the name of capitalism,” but in the name of clearing the path for our movement….”

This Lenins-phrase describes the strategy of DSA.


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