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Electronic scooters and Smart bikes are taking off and the world will be cleaner and healthier

Lime is now teaming up with Uber to make the world smarter. The electronic scooter rental company Lime will be founded by Uber Technologies Inc as part of a $335 million financing round, Lime said on Monday.

The idea is led by Alphabet Inc`s vemtire arm GV, and they values the scooter business at $1,1 billion. Uber plans to promote Lime in its mobile application and slap its logo on the scooters.

This is an idea I came up with about twenty years ago, and a few months later it was a hit. At that time it was without a vehicle. Electric scooters have been on the market for a long time, but now it seems to be a hit worldwide.

Lime was focused on the idea that mobility can be smart, equitable, and fun. By connecting cities and improving the way people experience first and last mile transportation, we aim to leave future generations with cleaner, healthier planet, Lime said.

From smart bikes to electronic scooters and beyond, Lime said they are committed to building strong social bonds, lasting community relationships, and the worlds most versatile smart mobility fleet.

I also came up with the idea of making City Bikes about twenty years ago. It`s funny because nobody had City Bikes at that time. I gave the idea to a friend of mine, and he worked on it. Now, it is everywhere. Even more fun is that Uber has started with the same idea. Twenty years later.

Uber took a huge stake with a startup called Jump Bikes, which rents electric bicycles, before acquiring the business for more than $100 million in April this year. Uber are planning to roll out more City Bikes in many cities around the world.

Lime is only 18 months old but released its e-scooters in Paris last month. The «free-floating» electric scooters are out on the streets and they are controlled with a mobile app. So far, they have been very popular in Washington DC and San Francisco. Now, they take Europe by storm.

The scooters are lightweight, easy to spot to their bright green motors and nippy, with a maximum speed of 15 miles (24 km/h). You locate the nearest one with the app and turn it on by scanning the QR code on the handlebars.

At this point you are charged €1 in Europe and $1 in the U.S. Then you will be charged 15 cents for every minute of ride time. Now, as the weather is fine, it can be cheaper to rent a scooter than taking the crowded bus to the town.

Paris has a chaotic time for its transport network, so Lime is coming in at the right time. It wont be less chaotic when Tour de France is coming to an end in about three weeks. Serving cities is at the core of Limes mission.

From electric scooters to smart bikes, Limes dock free mobility solution reduce traffic congestion, promote healthy living, and solve the all-important challenge of the first and last mile. And thats just the beginning.


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President Vladimir Putin use driverless transportation buses at the World Cup in the city of Kazan

Silicon Valley are pushing hard to release driverless vehicles and we know Google is in front of that revolution. But they are not alone. Russia is also in front of that revolution, and President Vladimir Putin are highly supporting driverless vehicles.

Russia has launched their new driverless transportation buses at the World Cup in the city of Kazan, and Russia`s truck maker are showing the world their technology skills. So far, their unmanned vehicles are banned on the open road, so they will travel only 650 meters.

(KamAZ «shuttle» is a bus with the autopilot on electricity. It was first presented at the Moscow International Automobile Salon in 2016)

The truck maker is KAMAZ PJSC, which is co-owned by German automaker Daimler AG and Rostec. KAMAZ is taking the fans from Kazan`s meeting point to the Kazan Arena. The driverless buses will drive on an empty road with no traffic which is surrounded by a light fence to keep away animals and pedestrians.

KAMAZ demonstrated the first autonomous electric bus a few days ago, according to the company. The unmanned M2 category small-class SHATL (Wide Adaptive Transport Logistics) vehicle, developed by KAMAZ in cooperation with NAMI, is intended for hard-surface roads, using data from digital maps, navigation systems and technical vision organs.

«Electric and unmanned vehicles are currently amongst the main directions of development in Russian engineering industry», as stated by the general director of KAMAZ Sergei Kogogin. «SHATL is our latest development, upon the example of which, the main trends in car manufacturing may follow.

KAMAZ is only one of our unique driverless vehicle models. Specialists in KAMAZ are actively working on such models at the moment, within the framework of the development of intelligent transport systems.»

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Boring Company will start to build a high-speed transit tunnel in Chicago

Elon Musk have a boring company, but how boring is that company when we know that they are building high-speed express trains? Not much. One of their first contracts is now a reality and people in Chicago can start to look forward to the future at O`Hare International Airport.

Three months after the Boring Company was selected as a finalist in a bid for Chicagos high-speed transit tunnel, the office of Mayor Rahm Emanuel confirmed on Wednesday that Elon Musks Boring Co has been chosen to build the express train that will connect O`Hare International Airport with downtown Chicago.

The Boring Companys transit system, likely in the form of underground high-speed tunnels, will come as a relief to the travelers who currently spend 40 minutes or more and pay as much as $60 for travel by taxi from the Loop, Chicagos downtown central business district, and O`Hare International Airport.

Passengers will be able to travel at high-speed between the two destinations in as little as 12 minutes and at a cost of $20 to $25 per trip.

The transit system will be part of an $8,5 billion overhaul of O`Hare airport. The Boring Company estimates project costs to come in below $1 billion.

The company is near completion on a test tunnel beneath SpaceX and will offer «free demo rides» to the public, barring final regulatory approval.

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The Chinese smartphone giant Xiaomi will go public in Hong Kong in July

The fourth-largest smartphone maker Xiaomi are planning to go public, and the company will start a roadshow in the U.S and Europe in a few weeks. After a collaboration with institutional investors in the U.S and Europe to value the firm at no less than $70 billion, the Chinese smartphone giant will go public in Hong Kong in July.

In my recent article I talked about Foxconn and their plans to go public a week ago, and more Chinese companies are on the way, One of them is Xiaomi, and their IPO is the biggest IPO so far in 2018 which is good for Hong Kong.

(Xiaomi`s profit is “only” $2, but their biggest market is India)


Hong Kong is on the way to be the destination of choice for global companies seeking to raise capital. Hong Kong marks the 21st anniversary of the citys return to Chinese sovereignty on July 1, and Xiaomis IPO can be a great birthday present to Hong Kong.

Xiaomi went from a start-up to surpass $16 billion in seven years, and their founder Lei Jun decided to make a smartphone brand selling handsets at “honest” prices. Eight years later, Lei Jun and the seven other co-founders have made a company that wants to challenge the global industry dominance by Apple, Samsung and Huawei.

Xiaomi are the cheapest smartphone on the market with the biggest market share in India. About 70 percent of their 2017 sales of 114,6 billion yuan came from smartpones, but there is a huge difference between Xiaomi and Apple.

Lei Juns profit from his low-budget price smartphone is "only" $2 per handset. Tim Cooks margin is between $151 and $250 on each iPhone.

Xiaomi more than doubled its overseas shipments to 27 million handsets in 2017. Its revenue skyrocketed to 32,1 billion yuan. There is no doubt that the global market is where their ambitions lie, and this is globalization at its best.

Xiaomi opened its first European sales outlet in Paris and plans to open additional Mi stores in France, Spain and Italy later this year.

Xiaomi do not only have a big potential with its smartphones but also from smart devices, better known as the Internet of Things (IoT). Industry revenue may balloon every year at a 13,3 percent compounded growth rate to $6,2 billion by 2021, according to IDC.

Their innovative products will make a tremendous change in every industry.

Xiaomis valuation can be $100 billion and it will be the biggest IPO since Alibaba in 2014. Alibabas IPO was the biggest IPO of all time with its 25 billion IPO in New York. Facebook went public in 2012 with an $16 billion IPO.

Former communist China are on the way up. This IPO will make even more rich people in China. Founder Lei Jun and his co-founders will be rich after the IPO. Not only that. 56 of the earliest employees pulled together $11 million to invest in the start-up. Today, they are the lucky 56.

Their stake in Xiaomi may soon be worth about $1 billion to $3 billion, depending on the stock sale. That works out to $36 million each at the midpoint.

Citic-CLSA, Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley had been appointed to arrange Xiaomi`s stock offer.

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Apple`s iPhone maker Foxconn is planning to go public on May 24

Foxconn Industrial Internet is planning to go public, and their IPO is expected to launch on May 24. Foxconn Industrial Internet, a subsidiary of the world`s largest contract manufacturer Foxconn, said it plans to raise $4,3 billion which is the biggest Chinese IPO in about three years.

With ten percent of its enlarged capital offered in the IPO, Foxconn industrial Internet would have a valuation of $42,62 billion at listing, and the Foxconn unit is offering 1,97 billion shares at 13,77 yuan per share on the Shanghai stock exchange.

Foxconn are making electronic devices, cloud service equipment and industrial robots, and they has signalled previously that they will launch projects in areas including manufacturing, industrial internet, cloud computing, and fifth-generation wireless technologies.

I said in one of my recent articles that smartphones will not be the big thing for the next hundred years. It doesnt stop here. This is probably why Foxconn want to go public, because most of its revenue is coming from Apples iPhones.

R&D is expensive but going public will give Foxconn more opportunities to expand into more cutting-edge technology. Will the Taiwanese company make the next generation of phones? Time will show.

Foxconn are making smartphones and cloud computing equipments and robots today, but what they want is to spend their 27 billion yuan to fund projects like artificial intelligence (AI) and fifth-generation wireless technologies.

Hon Hai Precision Industry Co will with its automated factory division give the company a better position in the tech supply chain.

The next generation of phones can become a part of us, and that intelligent operation systems will make us question what it truly means to be human.

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