Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban won a fourth successive landslide victory

99% of the votes are counted, and it shows right-wing nationalist Viktor Orban`s party Fidesz won 135 of 199 seats. Peter Marki-Zay`s opposition party was far behind with «only» 56 seats. Orban and his supporters are happy, while the EU is crying.

EU doesn`t like Viktor Orban, because they think he is a totalitarian and authoritarian leader. He is also a nationalist who cares about their borders, like many other right-wing politicians. MSM very often lies about Orban and Hungary and turns things upside down.

EU doesn`t have the same worldview as Hungary, and Orban has had a fraught relationship with the EU, which considers that Fidesz has undermined Hungary`s democratic institutions. Orban said in his victory speech that his «huge victory» could be seen «from the Moon, but certainly from Brussels as well».

«Without wanting to sound overly dramatic, it`s a tragedy. Looks like the end of whatever dreams one might have had of democracy in Hungary,» an EU official quoted by Reuters said.

«We`d have to cut money transfers so that he doesn`t build his own oligarchy with our money».

Orban is a self-styled illiberal democrat and does not agree with the EU when it comes to migration and press freedom. Orban and Hungary, like Poland, have many times clashed with Brussels over the rule of law.

During Orban’s campaign, the opposition`s catchphrase was «Orban or Europe». Orban has been in power for 12 years now, and so far he has rewritten the constitution, filled the top courts with his appointees, and changed the electoral system to his advantage.

Orban criticized Brussels bureaucrats and Ukraine`s President Zelenskyy in his victory speech, calling them «opponents». «We never had so many opponents,» Orban said. «Brussels bureaucrats…. the international mainstream media, and the Ukrainian president.»

Orban`s win is a headache to the EU and we can almost feel the pain they are going thru right now. Orban has a good relationship with Vladimir Putin, and he`s the only EU leader to criticize Ukraine`s President Zelenskyy. He has not vetoed any EU sanctions against Moscow, but he didn`t want to give any weapons to Ukraine.

Europe looks at Orban as «Hungary`s Putin». They share many of the same worldviews. We know that Europe has attacked oligarchs in the U.S. Now, they are attacking oligarchs in Russia. The same people claim this system of patronage has given birth to an elite class of wealthy conservative cronies in Hungary. Europe call them Orban`s oligarchs.

World War I and World War II was both ideology wars, and after World War II, the cold war started. President Ronald Reagan succeeded to tear down the wall in Berlin, and you know who the big winner was.

Freedom house funded by the U.S government, claims Hungary is less free than South Africa. That is a big lie. A country that doesn`t have an army or nuclear weapons. Last year, president Biden called Orban a «thug».

Gandhi was also, like Orban, a nationalist. He wanted an independent Indian nation-state and freedom from British colonial rule. Gandhi was fighting for peasant security of tenure and the freedom to produce the crop of their choosing in the Champaran. In 1917, he began the «Champaran Satyagrah.»

Viktor Orban is an outspoken anti-communist after the fall of the Berlin Wall. Now, he is branding himself as a nostalgic nationalist conservative. EU doesn`t like it at all.

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