Farage warned you 8 years ago, but you didn`t listen

Nigel Farage predicted everything that is happening in Europe today. He is a nationalist and the man behind Brexit. But he is also the man who tried to stop the war in Ukraine eight years ago. He talked about it in a speech at the European Parliament, in Strasbourg, on 16 September 2014.

The debate is about the «Situation in Ukraine and state of play of EU-Russia relations». We all know that the Elite was shocked when Putin and Russia invaded Ukraine earlier this year, but that is weird because experts have warned you all multiple times in many years.

Farage was speaking as a UKIP leader & Co-President of the European of Freedom and Direct Democracy group at that time and talked about the long list of foreign policy failures and contradictions in the last few years including the bombing av Libya, the desire to arm the rebels in Syria, that has been the unnecessary provocation of Vladimir Putin.

He said this EU Empire even seeking to expand. Stated its territorial claim on Ukraine some years ago. Just to make that worse, of course, some NATO members said they too would like Ukraine to join NATO.

We directly encouraged the uprising in Ukraine that led to the toppling of president Yanukovych and that led of course in turn to Vladimir Putin reacting, and the moral of the story is if you poke the Russian bear with a stick, don`t be surprised when he reacts.

As we speak, Farage said, there are NATO soldiers engaged in military exercises in Ukraine. Have we taken leave of our senses do we actually want to have a war with Putin? Because if we`re certainly going about it the right way.

Perhaps we ought to recognize that the West now faces the biggest threat and crisis to our way of life that we have seen for over 70 years.

The recent beheadings of the British and American hostages graphically illustrate the problem, and of course, we have our own citizens from our own countries engaged in that struggle too. In the war against Islamic extremism.

Vladimir Putin, whatever we may think of him as a human being, is actually on our side. I suggest we grow up. I suggest we recognize the real threat facing all of our countries, communities, and societies.

We stop playing war games in Ukraine, and we start to prepare a plan to help countries like Syria, Iraq, Kenya, and Nigeria, to help them do deal with the real threat that faces us.

Let`s not go on, provoking Putin whether we like him or not.»

That was a strong speech from Farage, but he knew what was coming, and he ended the speech by saying; «let`s not go on, provoking Putin», but the war has already started. So, what do you think started the war?

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