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The Coronavirus is like Wildfires and have to be stopped before it spreads out of control

President Donald Trump said in a speech at Davos on Tuesday that Fear and doubt is dangerous. A few hours later, the MSM said a new virus is on the way to kill you. The virus is called Coronavirus which is in the same family that caused 800 deaths globally from SARS in 2002-2003.

The World Health Organization has stepped back from declaring the growing viral pneumonia outbreak in China to be a public health emergency of international concern. WHO said its expert committee would meet again on Thurday to discuss more evidence from its teams.

In April 2003, The Chinese leadership took dramatic action to end a cover-up of the SARS epidemic by revealing 14 new deaths and hundreds of cases, sacking two senior officials and cancelling May Day holidays as the worldwide deathtoll climbed to 204.

The move followed international criticism of China`s handling of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS). It also came as Hong Kong announce seven new deaths from the disease.

The number of cases in Beijing was nine times higher than the previous official figure of 44 cases and four deaths. The nationwide death toll from SARS was raised to 79 with 1,814 confirmed cases of the illness.

Shortly after the satement state media reported that Health Minister Zhang Wenkang and Beijing mayor Meng Zuenong were removed from senior positions in the Communist Party, a formal step which will almost certainlly see them fired from their government posts.

Now, 17 years later, the fear is the new unknown virus called Corona, and that comes from Corona beer to cover up how bad it is to drink beer and how bad it feels to have the virus. So, stay away.

It started in Wuhan about 4 weeks ago, and the CCP said in a tweet on Wednesday that the total number of cases in Hubei Province is 543 as of 8 pm January 22.

8 more people have died in Hubei bringing total deaths in China to 17. This is like Wildfires. It has to be stopped in the beginning and before it spreads. And it does. First U.S case of potentially deadly Chinese coronavirus was confirmed in Washington state.

In December, they covered up the spread of the virus like they did with SARS in 2002. But on Tuesday, The Chinese political body responsible for law and order said that lower-ranking officials who covered up the spread of the virus would «be nailed on the pillar of shame for eternity.»

A total of 3 billion trips are forecast to be made during the 40-day Chinese Spring Festival rush. The official Xinhua News Agency said people had been asked not to leave Wuhan without specific reasons.

The newspaper tweeted that no one would be allowed to leave Wuhan from 10 am Thursday and that train stations,, the airport, city buses, subways, ferries and long-distance shuttle buses would be temporarily closed.

They haven`t pushed the panic button yet, but if they do, it will probably be next week. Why? Because the Chinese New Year begins on Saturday 25, and that is the World`s largest human migration.

It brings much of China`s economy to a halt and strains transport systems, not to mention waistlines. Chinese New Year is an annual ritual of family reunification and overindulgence.

The scale of the migration is astounding: While an estimated 116 million Americans were on the move around the Christmas and New Year`s holiday, Chinese citizens will rack up about 3 billion trips during this years travel-fest.

The Coronavirus has been linked to a market selling seafood and live animals in Wuhan, which has now been closed. The type of Coronavirus has never been identified before and it has been confirmed that human-to-human transmission is taking place.

It sounds like HIV/AIDS. They believe that the chimpanzee version of the immunodeficiency virus most likely was transmitted to humans and mutated into HIV when humans hunted these chimpanees for meat and came into contact with their infected blood.

The HIV/AIDS pandemic peaked in 2012, and the annual global deaths from HIV/AIDS dropped from 2,2 million to 1,6 million between 2005 and 2012. A virus that started in 1976 in Congo has truly proven itself as a global pandemic, killing more than 36 million people since 1981.

There are between 31 and 35 million people living with HIV, and the vast majority of those are in Sub-Saharan Africa, where 5% of the population is infected. As awareness has grown, new treatments have been developed that make HIV far more manageable, and many of those infected go on to lead productive lives.

The HIV/AIDS pandemic is one of the worst in history. People doesn`t talk much about Ebola because it is considered an epidemic. But it may someday be pandemic like HIV/AIDS.

The most resent outbreak of the Ebola virus has killed more than 11,000 people since 1976. First recognition of the EBOV disease is in Zaire (now Democratic Republic of the Congo). The outbreak iis now the most fatal and widespread ever recorded.

World War I was a global war originating in Europe that lasted from 28 July 1914 to 11 November 1918. The Russian Civil War was a civil war fought from November 1917 until October 1922. The main fighting was between the Red Army and the White Army where the Red Army was an army of communists led by Vladimir Lenin. The White Army opposed the communists.

But, at the same time, it was an outbreak of the Flu Pandemic in 1918. Between 1918 and 1920 a disturbingly deadly outbreak of inflluenza tore across the globe, infecting over a third of the world`s population and ending the lives of 20-50 million people.

Of the 500 million people infected in the 1918 pandemic, the mortality rate was estimated at 10% to 20%, with up to 25 million deaths in the first 25 weeks alone. What separated the 1918 flu pandemic from other influenza outbreaks was the victims; where influenza had always previously only killed juveniles and the elderly or already weakened patients, it had begun striking down hardy and completely healthy young adults, while leaving children and those with weaker immune systems still alive.

This is nothing compared to the Black death (1346-1353) that killed 75 – 200 million people. The outbreak of the Plague ravaged Europe, Africa and Asia. The plague most likely jumped continents via the fleas living on the rats that so frequently lived aboard merchant ships. Ports being major urban centers at the time, were the perfect breeding ground for the rats and fleas, and thus the insidious bacterium flourished, devastating three continents in its wake.

1000 years earlier, the plague of Justinian (541-542) killed perhaps half the population of Europe. The Plague of Justinian was an outbreak of the bubonic plague that afflicted the Byzantine Empire and Mediterranean port cities. The plague killed up to 25 million people in its year long reign of terror.

Gererally regarded as the first recorded incident of the Bubonic Plague, the Plague of Justinian left its mark on the world, killing up to a quarter of the population of the Eastern Mediterranean and devastating the city of Constantinople, where at its height is was killing an estimated 5,000 people per day and eventually resulting in the deaths of 40% of the city`s population.

Antonina plague (165 AD) killed 5 million people. It is also known as the Plague of Galen that was an ancient pandemic that affected Asia Minor, Egypt, Greece and Italy and it thought to have been either Smallpox or Measles, though the true cause is still unknown.

This unknown disease was brought back to Rome by soldiers returning from Mesopotamia around 165AD; unknowingly, they had spread a disease which would end up killing 5 million people and decimating the Roman army.

People today talk about civil war in the middle east. About victims in Syria and Iraq. They also talk much about how dangerous nuclear bombs is, but who talks about viruses? And how is it compared to weapons of mass destruction?

Cholera, bubonic plague, smallpox and influenza are some of the most brutal killers in human history. And outbreaks of these diseases across international borders, are properly defined as pandemic, especially smallpox, which throughout history, has killed between 300-500 million people in its 12,000 year existence.

The most dangerous weapon in the world isn`t nuclear bombs but full focus on science and technology will beat the killer viruses which is the worst enemy. There is no doubt; we need a World Order, but we need a good one.

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Elite CEO`s scrambled to take selfie with Trump in Davos and there was overwhelming universial support for the “rockstar”

President Donald Trump were treated like a rock star when he came to Davos, Switzerland last friday. It was like Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley and Beatles combined. It was chaos. Everybody wanted to be where Trump was. Everybody wanted to be around him.

Elite CEOs scrambled to take selfies with him. Theyre elbowing each other out-of-the-way, and there was overwhelming support for Mr Trump. Not only that; The Dow Jones Industrial Average went straight up, over 200 points on the news of Mr Trump`s reception in Davos. Wow!

President Trump was surrounded by a bunch of globalists. A bunch of one-world government globalists types. CEOs and other leaders around the world. What we saw in Davos was a universal support. Except one thing: Mainstream Media. They didnt like it at all.

Right after Mr Trumps inauguration, Mainstream Media were laughing at President Trumps tax cut plan. Some of them said; Trump belive he can cut the taxes. How in the world can he afford to do that? Ha ha ha.

Now, a year later, Trumps $1,5 trillion tax cut and the «resulting boom» has been applauded in Davos. The Prime Minister in Netherland said in an interview that he support some of Trumps politics and that the world need more leaders like him.

I do agree. I support some of his politics, but disagree with other things. So was it with Obama, Bush and Clinton. I belive people around the world should support the U.S president no matter who it is. It`s about respect. He is the boss. A powerful world leader.

President Donald Trump is a leader for the history books, and he is a great president that kids in the future shall study and learn about. People in America should be proud of him. He is not only a representative for the U.S, but also a great mentor on the world stage.

President Donald Trump is one of the world`s greatest leaders, and those who would say otherwise are in a dark place.

Donald Trump is in arguably one of the most interesting and popular personalities in the world right now. This is an incredible and most important marker in earths history. As weve seen the ceremonies of transition of power from president to the next, this one will be remembered for generations to come.

This is a power shift that is not inclusive to America but a power shift that affected the whole world. The inauguration of President Trump signaled the end to the power that has been in control of the human race for thousands of years.

What we see now is a total shift of the control of the earth.

Some people claim that the Luciferian rain is fading out and it`s the end of the world as they know it. Lucifer has lost power and control of the earth in all of his mechanisms of deception and manipulation will be exposed completely.

Donald Trump in his inauguration speech said; «Together we will determine the course of America and the world for many, many years to come (The righteous are now in control of America and the world).

Your voice, your hopes and your dreams will define our American destiny. (The righteous have taken control of the future).

And your courage and goodness and love will forever guide us along the way. We stand at the birth of a new millennium ready to unlock the mysteries of space (The truth about space will be exposed) to free the earth from the miseries of disease (The pharmaceutical industry to be exposed) and to harness the energies industries and technologies of tomorrow (free energy).

Today`s ceremony however has very special meaning. Because today, we are not merely transferring power from one administration to another, or from one party to another, but we are transferring power from Washington DC and giving it back to you, the people

January 20th 2017 will be remembered as the day the people became the rulers of this nation again (On January 20th 2017, the course was broken).

And most importantly, Trump said, We will be protected by God (The Luciferian is crying).

Its being said that this is a transition of power from the Luciferian rulers of the earth to the righteous people of the earth. President Trump with the help of Americas allies including Russia will put an end to this Luciferian World Order agenda.

President Trump went to Davos to represent the interest of the American people to affirm America`s friendship and partnership in building a better world like all nations representing at this great forum. America hopes for a future in which everyone can prosper and every child can grow up free from violence, poverty and fear.

He also said in the speech that the world`s largest company Apple announced it plans to bring $245 billion in overseas profits home to America. Their total investment into the United States economy will be more than $350 billion over the next five years.

Now is the time to bring your business, your jobs and your investments to the United States. This is especially true because we have undertaken the most extensive regulatory reduction ever conceived . Regulation is stealth taxation.

The U.S, like many other countries, unelected bureaucrats, (and we have them all over the place), and they`ve imposed crushing an anti business and anti worker regulations on our citizens with no vote, no legislative debate and no real accountability. In America, those days are over.

I pledged to eliminate two unnecessary regulations for every one new regulation. We have succeeded beyond our highest expectations. Instead of two for one, we have cut 22 burdensome regulations for every one new rule. We are freeing our businesses and workers so they can thrive and flourish as never before.

We are creating an environment that attracts capital, invites investment and rewards production. America is the place to do business. So, come to America where you can innovate, create and build. I belive in America.

As President of the United States, I will always put «America first,» just like the leaders of other countries should put their country first. But America first does not mean America alone. When the United States grow, so does the world.

American prosperity has created countless jobs all around the globe and the drive for excellence, creativity and innovation in the U.S has led to important discoveries that help people everywhere. Live more prosperous and far healthier lives as the United States pursues domestic reforms to unleash jobs and growth. We are also working to reform the international trading system so that it promotes broadly shared prosperity and rewards to those who play by the rules.

We cannot have free and open trade if some countries exploit the system at the expense of others. We support free trade but it need to be fair, and it needs to be recipical. Because in the end, unfair trade undermines us all. The United States will no longer turn a blind eye to unfair economic practices, including massive intellectual property theft, industrial subsidies and pervasive state-led economic planning.

These and other predatory behaviors are distorting the global markets and harming businesses and workers. Not just in the United States but around the globe. Just like we expect the leaders of other countries to protect their interests. As President of the United States I will always protect the interest of our country, companies and our workers.

We will enforce our trade laws and restore integrity to our trading system. Only by insisting on fair and reciprocal trade can we create a system that works not just for the U.S but for all nations.

As I have said, the United States is prepared to negotiate mutual beneficial bilateral trade agreements with all countries. This will include the countries in TPP which are very important. We have agreements with several of them already. We would consider negotiating with the rest either individually or perhaps as a group if it is in the interest of all.

At the end of the speech he said; We must invest in our people. When people are forgotten, the world becomes fractured. Only by hearing and responding to the voices of the forgotten can we create a bright future that is truly shared by all. The nations greatness is more than the sum of its production. The nations greatness is the sum of its citizens. The values, pride, love, devotion and character of the people who call that nation home.

President Trump have dedicated his life to the American people. To the world. I want to remind you that he is doing all this for only $1 dollar. What a man!

Disclaimer: The views expressed in this article are those of the author and may not reflect those of Shiny bull. The author has made every effort to ensure accuracy of information provided; however, neither Shiny bull nor the author can guarantee such accuracy. This article is strictly for informational purposes only. It is not a solicitation to make any exchange in precious metal products, commodities, securities or other financial instruments. Shiny bull and the author of this article do not accept culpability for losses and/ or damages arising from the use of this publication.


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