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DNC Chair embraces Dem-socialist candidate and Tomi Lahren has a message to the American people

Trump supporter and conservative Tomi Lahren has a message to the American people on Independence day. Young people should find out what Socialism is before they vote, she said. Tomi also said the mid-term election will be easy for the Republicans because she think that the American people are smart.


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Swedish prime minister Olof Palme was a Democratic socialist and talked about immigration in 1965

Swedish prime minister Olof Palme was murdered on February 28, 1986. A few years earlier, on December 25, 1965, he gave a national radio speech on the subject of immigration. His words are more relevant today than ever before.

Olof Palme said: We respect the fundamental rights and freedoms. Turbid racial theories have never gained foothold. Prejudice is always rooted in everyday life. It grows in the workplace and in the neighbourhood.

It gives went to ones own failures and disappointments. Above all, it is an expression of ignorance and fear. Ignorance regarding other people`s uniqueness. Fear of losing a position, a social privilege, a prior right.

Of course, skin colour, race, language and birthplace have nothing to do with human qualities. To grade people using such a yardstick is in glaring conflict with principles of human equality. But it is shamefully simple to make use of for the one who feels inferior.

Olof Palme was a Democratic socialist with pride and joy. He became one when he traveled around India and saw the terrible poverty, even though some were tremendously rich. At the same time, he also saw an even more degrading poverty in the U.S.

When he, as a young boy, stood eye to eye with communism`s lack of freedom and oppression and human persecution in the communist states, and when he went to the Nazi`s concentration camps and saw the death records of social democrats and union members, he became a Democratic socialist.

He said in a speech that he was strengthened in his conviction when he saw the right-wing politics, in country after country, expel people to unemployment and ruin their sense of security. Our solidarity becomes weaker and egoism stronger. It is about solidarity and consideration among people, he said.

May Olof Palme rest in peace, but his message live on…….

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