China`s success is driven by the U.S investment but America`s days of helping rebuild China are over

Some “smart” journalists reported to the world that Trump was a moron because of his tax cuts. How in the world can he afford to do that, the journalists said. Trump is the right man at the right place at the right time. Americans voted for the right man and the party.

We all know that the U.S economy is very strong and what Trump have done so far at the White House have boosted the economy. Pence said in a speech yesterday that the U.S has the strongest economy in the history of the world.

Not only that. Trump is also the first president to actually stand up to Communist China. “President Trump understands the Chinese like no president understood them, and he`s very good at dealing with gangsters,” former activist jimmy Lai said. Now, Beijing and Washington are working to resolve their differences.

Pence said he hoped the U.S could make a deal with China very soon. But he also said that America`s days of helping rebuild China are over. The Communists has been growing fast since the dot-com-bubble in 2000, and Pence said most of their success is driven by the U.S investment in China.

At the same time; the U.S deficit with China has grown fast too. How fair is that? The Communist China are growing fast while the U.S trade deficit with China are growing faster. Huh…

Trump have many times said that the U.S have rebuilt China over the past 25 years. But those days are over. History will show that president Donald Trump have changed that narrative forever.

“No longer will America and its leaders hope that economic engagement alone will transform Communist China`s Authoritarian State into a open and free society, that respects private property, the rule of law and international rule of commerce,” Pence said in his speech.

Instead, he said, “president Trump now recognizes China as a strategic and economic rival.”

Over the past year, president Trump have taken bold action to correct the failed policys of the past. All the strengthens America. All this to set America`s relationship on a fair and constructive course. All this for the good of both nations. And the rest of the world.

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