Many German car makers is stolen by the “master race”

What in the world is going on in the German car industry?

It`s not a secret any longer that the German car maker Volkswagen fudged with the numbers. Volkswagen had written their software to deliberately produce fake results and tried to fool the emissions-testing regulators.

What kind of strategy is that?

VW logo

I belive that they did it because they have strong competition from the new EV`s, but wouldn`t it be much cheaper to fix the problem instead of trying to fool the emissions-testing regulators by cheating about it?

Previous Volkswagen CEO Martin Winterkorn was «endlessly sorry that we have disappointed trust». It`s like a mirage built on trust. What is the relationship without trust? And how are Volkswagen gonna build the trust up again?

It`s no doubt; Volkswagen must spend a lot of years to come back and they will shrink from now on. A company that have seen massive growth since the World War II. Why did Volkswagen grow so fast after the World War II?

Many of the German car makers have been silent about one big thing that have been top-secret in about 70 years. I belive many have done something smart when they revealed the secrets and told the world before the world told them.

Many of the car brands is stolen!


Four year ago, luxury car maker BMW admitted, after decades of silence, that they have used slave labours, taking over Jewish firms and they did business with the highest echelons of the Nazi party. BMW is not alone.

WirtschaftsWoche have made a list and it is shocking to see what the Nazis have done to make all this companies rich and famous. The Nazis not only took over Jewish firms, they also used the Jews in their factories for free.

Here is a list of slaves used by German firms:

1 IG Farben 83,000 slaves
2 BASF 80,000 slaves
3 ThyssenKrupp 75,000 slaves
4 BMW 50,000 slaves
5 Daimler (Mercedes) 40,000 slaves
6 Bosch 20,000 slaves
7 Audi 20,000 slaves
8 Volkswagen 12,000 slaves

Deutsche Bank did not use slaves, but became extremely wealthy during the World War II, because they sacked all Jewish directors and became rich by taking part in the «Aryanising» or taking over Jewish-owned businesses.

The most powerful banker Hermann Abs had prospered in the Third Reich. He joined the bank in 1937. He «Aryanised» Austrian and Czechoslovak banks that were owned by Jews, and the bank`s wealth quadrupled as the Nazi Empire expanded.

Siemens are still silent about their past. So are Adidas and C&A, but they are working on their own history about the past.

Fritz Sauckel was hanged for war crimes because he organized a program to bring over two million people to Germany from Poland, the Baltic states and Russia, to work for the new master race. Many of them went to companies like Volkswagen and BASF.

Romans and Greeks valued and revered their forced labourers while the Nazis treated them extremely bad. Volkswagen had what they called the «dying room» where female forced labourers who gave birth had to leave their newborns to die. They also had to drink water from toilets.

As you can see of the list above, non of the German car makers are at the top of the list. IG Farben is number one. They used 83,000 slaves in their factory inside Auschwitz. They prison labour to make their own gas called Zyklon B who killed most of the Jews in the Nazi gas chambers.

Owner of BMW, Gabriele Quandt said it was wrong for the family to ignore the dark chapter of its history. He decided to speak out after Bonn-based historian Joachim Scholtyseck revealed the secret about their grandfather Guenther Quandt and his brother Herbert who were responsible for many Nazi injustices.

bmw logo

They both acquired many Jewish-owned companies through the Nazis programme of «Aryanisation». Guenther got the title «Wehrwirtschaftsfuhrer» which means; leader of the armament economy.

Herbert Quandt was part of the system. Guenther became a Nazi Party member a month before Hitler came to the power in Germany. He used a network of party officials and Whrmacht officers to build up contracts for lucrative state contracts.

Guenther was divorced with Magda Behrend Rietschel in 1929. She killed her own six children and her self together with Joseph Goebbels in Hitler`s bunker in 1945. IG Farben which killed millions by their gas Zyclon B got away with mass murder. Only 12 of the 24 executives were found guilty. Why?

The bosses at I.G Farben financed Ludwig Erhard`s research during the war.

Authors of the book «Wartime Economy And Labour Usage Of Auto Union Chemnitz AG During The Second World War», economic historian Rudolf Boch of the University of Chemnitz, and Martin Kukowski, head of the Department of history at Audi, revealed Audi`s sercret after the study of Audi`s archives during the World War II.


The study is a 500 page large report. It claims that Auto Union (now Volkswagen`s luxury brand marque Audi) built its success based on slavery. The authors said more than 20,000 forced laborers were used in the production of Auto Union (one fifth from concentration camps), and founder Dr Richard Bruhn was responsible for that. Auto Union and Richard Bruhn had been «firmly ensnared in the National Socialist regime.»

Auto Union was liquidated at the end of the war, and Bruhn was interned by British forces. He had close ties to the Nazi Party and met Hitler and Albert Speer during his time as Chairman at Auto Union. He became a member of the Nazi Party in 1933.

Auto Union was founded in 1932 and later on they merged with four other car makers. The automotive conglomeration Auto Union, was incorporated into the Volkswagen family and merged with NSU to form Audi NSU Auto Union, which later became Audi. They dropped the name Audi NSU Auto Union in 1985.

Auto Union built their wealth on human misery and suffering.

1,000 prisoners was forced labourer and many of them were from France. Disabled workers were shipped to the Flossenburg concentration camp to be executed. In 1945, about 700 Zwickau inmates were sent on a death march to Karlovy Vary (Czech Republic), were half of them died on the way.

Ferdinand Porsche helped Volkswagen to build the «people`s car» or Volkswagen. He reached the rank of SS-Oberfuhrer (senior leader) and used the Volkswagen production facilities to manufacture military vehicles for the Nazis.

Some of the leading figures in the Nazi economy became leading builders of the European Union.

For many leaders close to the Nazi regime, Europe became a cover for pursuing German national interest after the defeat of Hitler, says historian Dr Michael Pinto-Duschinsky. An integral part of the Nazi war machine was slave labour.

Not only German car makers were involved in the Nazi party. Another car maker was the U.S made brand Ford, founded by the notorious anti-Semite Henry Ford. He supported Hitler and the Nazi party by sending huge amount of money to Hitler every year on his birthday.

Ford logo

He blamed the Jews for World War I, and wrote many articles under the charming title; «The International Jew: The World`s Foremost Problem.» He received the Grand Cross of the German Eagle in 1938, and that`s the highest medal Nazi Germany awarded to foreign citizens.

Ford`s German operation produced one-third of the militarized trucks used by the German army during the World War II. Much of the labor is done by prisoners. He also used forced labor as early as 1940, when the American arm of the company still had complete control.

Another U.S citizen is J.D Rockefeller who was a major shareholder in Chase Bank (now J.P Morgan Chase). He funded Nazi eugenics experiments before the war. Chase and other U.S banks helped the Germans to raise over $20 million between 1936 and 1941, netting over $1,2 million in commission. Chase pocketed $500,000 which was a lot of money at the time.

Chase Bank froze the accounts to all the French Jews before the Nazis had even gotten around to ask them to.

Hugo Boss designed the SS uniforms and the dabber brown shirts of the SA and the Hitler youth. IBM designed the punch cards that were used to systematize the extermination of people by race and class.

Kodak, Allanz, Nestlè and Genral Electric (GE) was other global businesses that worked with the Nazis to name a few.

Many horrible things happened during the World War II, because people didn`t do something. People were silent. Ignorance is the most violent element in a society, and a nation of sheep will sooner or later have a government of wolves.

People has blamed Jews for nearly everything in hundreds and thousands of years. People blamed them for the stock market crash in the 1870`s. The fact is that the stock market will crash no matter who`s working in the banking system. The concept is very easy;

What goes up – must come down.

It is the nature. Just like the sun. It goes up, reach a top, and goes down again. Look at the waves. It goes up and it goes down again. That`s the nature. Not the Jews. The stock market stops at the top because there aint more money left to go into the market at the top.

Don`t blaime all the German people for what happened during the World War II, because not all of the German people were Nazis. Many of Germany`s businesses is built in a dirty way (but not all of them), and we know that Germany has a large surplus on their budget at the moment.

The German auto industry accounts for around 15% of its manufacturing activity, and about 3% of its GDP. Volkswagen is not a new Lehman Brothers, so it`s not gonna be a new 2008 again. But Germany`s growth is slow and the European economy is not growing in the same pace as the U.S. On top of that they have migrant challenges.

I still don`t know why Volkswagen fudged with the numbers? Mark Twain said once; «It`s easier to fool people than to convince them they have been fooled», but I think it is a risky strategy.

Volkswagen can continue to build great cars, but what`s more important now is to build………….





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