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Covington student Nick Sandman was smeared by the Media Mob and sued CNN $275M for their Fake News

The Marxist Media Mob are struggling, and CNN is one of them. Once a respected channel, but now often called Communist News Network or Clown News Network. Covington student Nick Sandman sued CNN for $275M for their fake news.

The Media Mob told the world that Nick Sandman harassed a Native-American, but that was a big lie. They turned things upside down. You can clearly see how sick and twisted it is. Some people believe that people with a MAGA hat is racist like Trump, but that is far away from the truth.

“The Five” surpassed Rachel Maddow with 200,000 viewers

Nick Sandman had a MAGA hat and that is why the Media Mob smeared him. The Media Mob made it look like Nick Sandman was the agressor, but he wasn`t. What`s strange to me is that the Media Mob repetedly tells a story before they have the facts.

But CNN is not the only one. CNBC`s Rachel Maddow was sued last year for more than $10 million for calling a coservative television network called One America News “paid Russian propaganda.” Her ratings is also plummeting, and her show is surpassed by another Fox News show called “The Five.”

“The Five” averaged over 2,7 million viewers last week and that is 200,000 more than CNBC`s Maddow show. All the Late Night Shows are also plummeting. They are all mocking president Trump, but wievers are turning off the TV.

Jimmy Fallon remain the no.1 late-night show (1,99M viewers) followed by Jimmy Kimmel live (1,53M wiewers).

Main Stream Media`s trust is declining. But that has been going on for a very looooong time. Not only years, but decades. They often blame on social media, but this has been going on long before social media became mainstream.

The Media Mob deserve to be sued. And they deserve to lose viewers. Who is the winner of the Fake News Award 2019?

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