Obama overshadowed Biden

U.S President Joe Biden won the most total votes, and the fewest total counties, of any president-elect. He won the most votes in history. More than Barrack Obama. More than Bill Clinton. Trump, Bush, you name it.

Biden won a record low of 17% of counties, which means he won 477 counties while Obama 2008 won 873. Joe Biden received over 81 million votes, and that`s the most in history.

Yesterday, former President Obama visited the White House. And he stole the show. This is the first time he visited the White House since he left, but there is no doubt about his popularity. The same cannot be said about Biden.

Biden`s approval ratings keep falling, and just 40% of Americans approve of the job that he is doing. It`s the lowest rating Biden has seen in his presidency. A majority of Americans continue to say the U.S is headed in the wrong direction.

The most embarrassing moment for Biden, the Americans, and all the people of the free world was when Biden went off-script to denounce Putin in his Poland speech.

He should be a great cheerleader, but when he spoke to the military personnel, people were looking down. And Biden spoke like it was a funeral. Some seem to be sleeping. It was a very low-energy moment, and it didn`t look good. That`s probably why people are a bit scared now.

Biden went off the script, and these words will always be remembered:

«We will have a different future, a brighter future, rooted in democracy and principle, hope and light of decency and dignity, of freedom and possibilities. For God`s sake, this man cannot remain in power».

Even more embarrassing is that the White House a few minutes later quickly clarified that Biden wasn`t talking about regime change. It was alarming, and it sent some shockwaves. Why did Biden go off-script when he have his pockets full of «cheat sheets» to avoid gaffes?

President Biden said Viktor Orban is a totalitarian thug and wants to remove him from office, but Orban said that this is up to the Hungarian people. Biden also said that Putin cannot remain in power, but I think that is also up to the people in Russia.

Orban won a landslide victory earlier this week, so he is very popular. 83% of the people in Russia like Putin and his job, so he is also very popular. That cannot be said about Biden.

Biden was overshadowed by Obama in the White House yesterday. People were paying so much attention to Obama, where the most powerful man in the United States of America was walking around like a lost puppy. It was a very sad image.

Everybody in the world can see that Biden is in a state of cognitive decline, and it isn`t better to see a vice president that seems to be in a constant nervous breakdown.

Did they set in Obama to lift the energy level to a higher point? Because that`s what he did. He overshadowed the president and the vice president a hundred times. Biden was the best VP in the world, but he should be at home with his dog instead of in the oval office.

We are at war with Russia, but that war would never have started with Trump in the White House. The president and the vice president are weak, and people in the free world can clearly see their failures.

This is very dangerous. Not only for the U.S but for the whole world. And there is no doubt; this cannot continue for two more years. If so, I think people will start to call for the 25th amendment.

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