The United States of America is under attack

The attack on Capitol Hill was unamerican and unpatriotic, and an attack like this has never happened in the U.S since 1814 when the British stormed the building. Trump supporters have never done anything like this before. Are we sure Trump supporters were behind all this?

Hopefully, the investigation will find that out. The attack is very similar to all the «Black lives matter» attacks, and we all know that the Marxists were behind it. The same group of people has also attacked multiple statues in the U.S. They want to destroy America.

January 6th 2021 will be remembered and goes straight into the history books. But there are other dates that are in the history books, and all of them are direct attacks on the U.S democracy. Trump has multiple times said that a group of people want to destroy America.

We all know the attack on John F Kennedy. A man from a capitalist family. It was an attack on the U.S democracy. Killed by a communist who spent years in Sovjet, but also by a man who said he was a patsy. 9/11 was also a big attack on the U.S democracy as well.

America went from the Cold War to the War on terror. The day after 9/11 the «Occupy Wall Street» movement started. A direct attack on capitalism, but also an attack on New York. It took years to build the Twin towers, but it took less than an hour to destroy them.

Now, New York is under attack again. This time the enemy is invisible, and the enemy is a virus. Covid-19 has destroyed New York once again. An attack on American democracy. On all the citizens in America.

The 9/11 attack happened 20 years ago, and security has been at an extreme level since then. So, why was it so easy to attack Capitol Hill on January 6th? Where in the world was the security? Where were the police? The army? In the video, we can see that the police opened the barricade to let in the crowd. What security is that?

It seems like the security is gone nearly every time an attack is happening. This is very strange. Everybody knew that this election would be special, but the only ones not to be prepared seems to be the security forces. Why?

This is also very similar to the protest in Hong Kong. Millions of peaceful protesters took to the streets, but only a few extremists were violent which is not a good thing because it doesn`t solve a thing. The opposite is happening.

In Hong Kong, the Communist party won when a small group of extremists went violent. But these people also dragged the rest of the peaceful protesters down. So happened on January 6th on Capitol Hill.

A small group of extremists is putting all the Trump supporters down, but this small group of people doesn`t represent the rest. They will rather destroy them. What happened on Capitol Hill is demoralizing the majority of the Trump supporters, and the Media Mob blame Trump for all that happened on Capitol Hill.

Just take a look at Lindsey Graham. He didn`t want to fight for Trump anymore. Enough is enough, he said, and voila, it`s over and out, and the attack on Capitol Hill was a big success, thanks to a small group of riots. Probably Marxists, an Antifa group, or a bunch of «patcys.»

Trump claim he won the U.S election by a landslide. His lawyers say the same. They say Trump won by a landslide. They also say the election was based on massive fraud. A lot of people with a lot of evidence has also revealed the fraud under hearings, but Joe Biden will be the next president of the United States.

President Trump released a statement on Thursday saying that he did not agree with the results, but he will ensure a peaceful transfer of power to President-elect Joe Biden.

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