Google up 8,18%

Wow! Google is up 8,18% on after-hours trading to $961,48 on Q3 earnings. What a marketing company!!! Yesterday, the Google`s CEO Larry Page, CFO Patrick Pichette and Chief business officer Nikesh Arora were on the conference call to report it`s Q3 earnings. Take a look at the chart below. You know what stock you should buy in 2005?


Google`s gross revenue is up 12% to $14,98. Google are still growing, and their net income was $2,97 billion ($2,18 billion in Q3 last year). In 2012, their EPS (earnings per share) was $8,87, but now it is $10,74. Google beats the analysts expectations. The stock is trading at $961,48 in after-hours trading. Wow!

Belive it or not, but the big business is comming from paid clicks, which is clicks related to ads served on Googles site. At the same time the cost per click goes down. More and more people are clicking on the ads that Google serves.

Google income

Google, Facebook and Yahoo`s big challenge now is the consumers shift from PC to mobile phones/smartphones and tablets were the advertising rates are lower. The price marketers pay Google decreased by 8%, but the total amount of paid click rose 26% and that is the highest rate of growth on one year.

Yahoo by the way, are reporting an decrease in the revenue in Q3, and are lowering it`s financial outlook. Motorola lost $248 million in Q3. But what stock should you buy 12 months ago? It`s Yahoo. That stock is up about 100% in 12 months. That`s pretty good!

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