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Facebook are dealing with the music industry

Facebook has a lot of DAU`s and more and more people spend time watching videos. Facebook is a young company and so far they already have billions of video views. But Mark Zuckerberg want to prosper from this industry.

There is no doubt that YouTube is the most popular video-sharing company in the world. Many artist has started their carriere at YouTube and one of them is Justin Bieber. In 2016, YouTube gave the music industry $1 billion in ad revenue, and Facebook wants to join.




Streaming was a game changer on how media is bought. It changed how it`s consumed. It also changed who profits from it, and of course how much they all made in this industry. For the first time in 20 years, the music industry saw significant revenue growth in 2015.

The revenue from streaming is $2,9 billion world-wide, and revenue from video on demand rose almost 9% in 2015, and music clips can move about $50 – $70 billion from TV industry.

Facebook has nearly 2 billion users and still a growing advertising business, and a deal with the music industry can be a win-win agreement, which means billions in revenue from new sales for the music industry.

The interest in videos is growing and Facebook want to prosper from that, and that’s why they are so interested in music rights. Facebook moved billions in ad revenue from print and now many online firms have targeted TV.

Facebook are not alone on the market and they need to share some of the market with Twitter and Snapchat, but the biggest of them all is YouTube which is Faecbooks main rival. Googles YouTube channel said music is one of the most popular types of videos on their on-demand service.

TV networks and News organizations are experimenting with Facebook, just like they did with YouTube and this will continue. This is interesting because Facebook is big.

Thanks to streaming, the music industry is growing again and that is because of the paid streaming services from Apple and Spotify.

Facebook will probaby sign a deal with the music industry before the summer this year.




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