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Donald Trump is the best negotiator that we`ve seen in decades and America is back

There is no doubt; Trump is a great negotiator. The best in decades. He know how to play this game, mainly because he is a business-man. He made a deal with “the rocket man” and now he is making a deal with the EU. Mr Trump is making America great again, and Trump is a good cheerleader.

US and EU agreed today to work toward zero tariffs and zero barriers. European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker didn`t reveal any details on what they specifically agreed to. Nor did President Trump.

“We will also work to reduce barriers and increase trade and services, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, medical products as well as soybeans,” Trump said. “Soybeans is a big deal.”

The farmers have supported Trump despite the fact that the prices of Soybeans has plummeted. Now, this has changed. The European Union is starting to buy soybeans from the U.S immediatly and EU is a new market that have opened up for them. That`s what I call business.

Foe or frenemy? Trump calls EU leader “smart” after ripping Europe.

The U.S has lost a lot of money on the deal with EU so far. That is about to change. In proposing new trade talks with the European Union, Trump said, “we want to further strengthen this trade relationship to the benefit of all American and European citizens.”

So, why is a trade agreement so important? International trade is important for the Netherlands and the European Union. Like international investment, it generates economic growth and employment. Around a third of the Netherlands` national income is related to trade.

59% of the Dutch population work for a company that imports and/or exports goods and services. In addition, 800,000 people work for foreign companies operating in the Netherlands. Trade is therefore very important to their economy.

That`s why the Dutch government aims to make effective international trade deals. Like the Transatlantic Trade and Investment partnership (TTIP) between the EU and the US. The Netherlands stands to gain from this trade agreement between the EU and the US.

The Dutch and American economies are already closely linked. The Netherlands is the third largest investor in the U.S. While the U.S is the Netherlands` largest trading partner outside the EU. The Netherlands exports goods to the value of €20 billion to the U.S every year.

European carmakers climbed after President Donald Trump backed off his threat to levy tariffs on cars imported to the U.S during a meeting with Juncker. Many automaker shares jumped on Thursday after the good news.

Germany`s VDA auto industry association called the meeting “a big step forward” and “good news for industry and consumers on both sides of the Atlantic.”

“We had a big day, very big,” Trump said during a press conference with Juncker. “We are starting the negotiation right now, but we know where it is going.”

Mr Trump is a winner and America is back.

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Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) stands for 47% of world GDP

G 20 summit in China this weekend will be interesting for those who follow international trade. Leaders will talk about the slowing global trade and their shipping companies. On top of that we see signs of protectionism.

I wrote about Trance Pacific Partnership (TPP) i April last year, and what we know so far is that President Obama is hoping to get the deal through Congress before he leaves office. The time is running out.




The world leaders has a lot to talk about as the global trade is in trouble because of the rising protectionism, which is a growing trend that is a huge challenge to world leaders. China has benefited from the global trade so far, but the protectionism is a big threat right now.

The TPP agreement was signed in February, but it has to be ratified by all twelve counties and Obama belive in the deal. Hillary Clinton have spoken out against it, and Donald Trump called TPP «an attack on America`s business.»

The typical protectionist rhetoric is typified by Donald Trump, and China faces huge criticism from both Europe and the U.S over the flood of steel and other raw materials it has unleashed on global markets.

People are dealing like never before and the free trade in Western nations has already put two deals on the table which is giving the G 20 leaders something to think hard about. One of them is the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), and the other one is Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP).

TTIP stands for $34,2 trillion which is 47% of world GDP!

The agreement «will help unlock opportunity for American families, workers, businesses, farmers and ranchers through increased access to European markets,» the U.S government says. The European Commission says it would be worth €545 to each European citizen every year.

Many people are angry because the meetings are being held in top-secret.

TPP stands for $27,4 trillion which is 37% of world GDP.

The U.S and 11 other nations like Japan, Mexico, Singapore and Vietnam are involved. Nobel Prize winner Stiglitz called TPP outrageous, and other economists say that this agreement will boost income in the participating countries. Others say it will lift exports and support well paid jobs.

Other people are against those deals. They claim the deal will kill jobs and worsen income inequality across the nations. They argue it will only help big corporations and not ordinary citizens. The advocates of trade said it was going to benefit everyone.

The evidence is it`s benefited a few and left a lot behind, the Nobel laureate economist, Joseph Stiglitz said.



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