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The historic Singapore summit went beyond all expectations but the Dems slam Trump over the outcome

June 12, 2018, is a historic day. President Donald Trump is the first U.S President to sit down and negotiate with the North Korean dictator. And he made a deal with Kim Jong-un. He makes the world a better place. Isn`t that great?

Not all are positive to what happened in Singapore on Tuesday 12 june. The Dems slam Trump over the outcome of Singapore summit. Some of those people are also those who said the summit was dead before it started.

There is no doubt; Singapore summit went beyond all expectations, and it is a good start.



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President Donald Trump will meet Kim Jong-un and talk about denuclearization

What a historic moment this is. President Donald Trump announced today that he will meet North Korea`s dictator Kim Jong-un in Singapore on June 12. This is great leadership and people should be proud. This is a historic time.

Mr Trump says he will meet Kim Jong-un to talk about denuclearization in the Korean peninsula, but he also said he does not expect to sign any agreement with Kim Jong-un. He conceded that Kim Jong-un «wants to be careful» with his decision, and that «he is not going to run and do things» as demanded by the US government.

Mr Trump is not only Making America great again, but also the World great again.




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Peace in North Korea may earn president Donald Trump the Nobel Peace Prize

President Donald Trump deserve Nobel Peace Prize, and that is hard for Trump haters to talk about. One of the things Obama said to Mr Trump at the White House is that the North Korea case was the most difficult case.

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and the South Korean president Moon Jae-in, issued a joint statement that was short on detail but offered cause for optimism as the world looks ahead to a summit between Kim Jong-un and Donald Trump.

Now, Mr Trump said that the War will come to an end, and Trump should get a lot of credit for that. He seized on the signing of a peace agreement to say the American people should be proud. President Donald Trump is not only making America Great Again, but also The World.


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