A man born in 1850 voted for Joe Biden

Joe Biden is the next President of the United States, and statesmen from all around the world is congratulating him. How in the world is that possible? It is possible because The Trump Hate Media Mob called the election for Joe Biden.

But they’re not supposed to decide who the next president is or not. It isn`t the Media Mob`s job. Congress is doing that job. In other words. It is Fake News.

The Media Mob said Trump colluded with Russia when he won four years ago, but it was all a big lie. Russia Hoax. They also came up with the Ukraine narrative. They made it all up. It was a big lie. Fake News.

Now, we see the U.S election being stolen from Trump, but Trump has talked about it for weeks and months, so it`s not a surprise to see the mess we see right now. Trump and his team have filed new lawsuits over balloting, so this will end up in the Supreme Court.

According to lawyer Sidney Powell, there is identified 450,000 ballots that miraculously ONLY have a vote for Joe Biden and NOT Donald Trump. What they did was to switch the votes from Trump to Biden. There has been a massive and coordinated effort to steal this election from «We the people of the United States of America.»

This is done to delegitimize and destroy votes for Donald Trump to manufacture votes for Joe Biden. Massive numbers of dead people have voted. One of them was born in 1850. He would have been 170 years old this year. This is unbelievable.

There is a massive conspiracy behind it all and they need to recount all of the votes in all states. Sidney has a list of ballots that have only Biden on the ticket. We are talking about 98,000 in Pennsylvania, 90,000 in Georgia, 42,000 in Arizona, 115,000 in Michigan and 62,000 in Wisconsin.

All of them with Joe Biden`s name on the ticket. Not Trump`s name.

According to Rudy Gulliani, 800,000 votes in 10 states is in question.

If this is true, this is a massive conspiracy. A massive Fraud.

The Trump team is getting reports of all kinds of fraud. One man has been ordered to backdate ballots. No ballots received after the polls closed on the voting day should even be counted, but they continued.

Multiple states that didn`t even follow the rules of their own legislature. That`s a federal constitutional issue.

If you count the real votes Donald Trump will win. He is the president of the United States, Sidney said.

What will happen next? Donald Trump can be the next president of the United States and the Deep State, the Dems and the Media Mob will claim that Trump stole the election. They will also label him as a dictator.

Trump needs to hurry up and take this case to the Supreme Court as soon as possible.

There is a federal statute that means December 8 will function as what`s known as the «safe harbor» deadline. Occurring about a month after Election Day, December 8th is the deadline for the final resolution of all election disputes, including court challenges. It is the final date on which states of electors must be chosen by states for submission to Congress.

If things aren`t settled by then, Congress is under no obligation to accept the validity of electoral votes submitted by states. Instead, the newly-elected Congress will gain legal authority to determine the winner in any state that has not resolved its election drama by the deadline.

The next two months are extremely important in the United States of America.

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