Trump VS the establishment

A vote for Trump is a vote against the establishment. A vote for Trump is a vote against the ruling class in America. A vote for Trump is a vote against «the swamp.» Joe Biden has been in politics for 47 years, and is now a symbol of «the swamp.»

It`s 3 November 2020 and this is the most important election in America ever. This day is historic and will be remembered for the next hundreds of years. Polls are telling us that Biden will win the election, but there is something strange here.

There is no enthusiasm around Biden. Nor is it so many people at his rallies. The same cannot be said about Trump`s rallies. About 50,000 are showing up to hear him speak while the Dems say that people must stay at home because of the coronavirus.

It looks like a rock concert when Trump is having rallies, but it isn`t a rock concert. Nor is it a visit by the Pope. It is Trump. America`s president, and the most influential and powerful man on this planet.

When is the last time so many people listened to a political speech? There is no doubt; millions of people love Trump. Why? He is simply moving people around the world, and that`s what a real cheerleader is doing. The same cannot be said about Biden.

It`s strange because the Media Mob has told us all that Trump is Evil, bad, not in balance, not fit for the White House, a racist, Nazi, a fascist, sexist, insane, stupid, idiot, you name it. The Media Mob has told us so for about five years now.

The Media Mob has also told us that Trump supporters are morons, stupid, and idiots. Trump supporters have been labeled a racist cult and some have lost their job for supporting Trump.

President Trump is fighting for the people. He is fighting for the bill of rights and the amendments. All this created by the founding fathers to protect the people.

He doesn`t want socialism because he believes that socialism is the road to communism and communism is an evil system. A tyranny.

Trump is an indictment of America`s ruling class.

Who will win the election on 3 November 2020? Biden and «the swamp» or «the people»? A win for Biden will also be a big win for the Media Mob.

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