President Trump is trying to Keep America Great but some haters wants to impeach him for “bribery and high crimes” based on presumptions

President Trump can be impeached based on presumptions. Can you believe that? Not on facts, but presumptions. And what «The Hate Trump Media Mob» love now is the EU-ambassador Sondland and his «Explosive» testimony. Wow!

The FAKE NEWS MEDIA are telling you that Trump were holding back the aid to Ukraine because he wanteed to push Ukraine to investigate Biden. But Sondland didn`t say that. He said that no one told him directly that the aid was tied to anything. «I was presuming it was», Mr Sondland said.

You cannot impeach a president based on what people presume, think, believe or feel. When became people`s opinion better than cold hard facts? People can have opinions, but what they need is evidence.

«My personal belief is based on 2+2 equals 4» Mr Sondland said in the testimony. Wow! What a genius.

But Dr. Wenstrup said something even better; 2 presumptions + 2 presumptions does not equal even 1 fact.

So, here we are. An imeachment by people`s opinion, presumption or hearsay with no criminal activity. Not even close to impeachable offense. What`s even more serious is that the Fake News Media isn`t telling us the truth.

President Trump said in September that he withheld the aid because the U.S was the only country to pay their share of the aid to Ukraine. And worst of all; Europe didn`t contribute. No aid from Europe to Ukraine. And that`s the question; Why aren`t Europe paying to Ukraine?

Impeachment in the United States at the federal level is limited to those who may have committed «Treason, bribery, or other high crimes and misdemeanors».

Bill Clinton became the second American president to be impeached in 1998. (Andrew Johnson was impeached in 1868). Clinton had a sexual relationship with White House intern Monica Lewinsky and he was impeached for «high crimes and misemeanors».

The specific charges against Clinton were lying under oath and obstruction of justice. The Deep State made it embarrassing for Clinton. Telling the world about the relationship could destroy his career. That`s why he tried to hide the truth.

John F Kennedy had the same problem. He had a lot of women and his father said he had to stop because it could destroy his career. But nobody did something about it. The Mee-too movement wasn`t born either. As we all know, he was assassinated. A man who worked so hard for Human Rights.

President Trump is trying to Keep America Great but some haters wants to impeach him for «bribery, high crimes and misdemeanors» based on presumptions. Not evidence.

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