Dividend Yield

Some investors are looking for technology stocks with high growth. You can look for them in stock screens and search for dividend paying characteristics. If you are looking for dividend income and act like a value investor, then you can look for Dividend Yield.

This Dividend Yield number tells you what percentage return for example Coca Cola pays out to shareholders. Older companies like Coca Cola will normally pay out higher percentage than younger companies like for example Twitter.

You calculate like this:

Dividend Yield = annual dividend per share / stock’s price per share

Let`s say a stock trades at $100, and the dividend Yield is 3%. Annual dividend is $3.

($3/$100 = 0,03).

To be in the market and invest money in different markets is like a college class that never ends. As an investor you need to monitor existing stocks and always be on the look for new and great opportunities.

Now it is a good time to check your stock portfolio before the year ends. I will write about that later. News today: ADP non-farm employment change, and trade balance at 8:15am, ISM Non-Manufactoring PMI, and New home sales at 10.00am, Crude Oil inventories at 10.30am.


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