Cyber Monday Sales

More sales to Amazone and Ebay. Not only Thanksgiving and Black Friday is increasing their revenue. Cyber Monday Sales is coming on top of that. What`s next? Consumer Confidence is falling, but online shopping is taking off!

Web sales is projecting to climb 15% this holiday season, while retail sales is growing only 3,9%. This is three times faster than the retail sales. Cyber Monday has historically been the single biggest shopping day of the year so far for U.S retailers, but this is not the reality anymore as the web shops continue to gain share.

Shopping on tablets and smartphones increased twice as fast in the third quarter as desktop online spending, according to ComScore. Thanksgiving have shown that tablets are more popular for purchases, while mobile phones are preferred for browsing.

This is good news for FedEx, Ups, DHL and U.S Postal Services. As the online shopping increase, the amount of packages, revenue and work for the shipping companies will also increase. Amazone and Ebay are big, but there is someone out there that is much much bigger and they are not on the stock exchange yet. I will write about them later.

Investors and money makers are now waiting for December 18.


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