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Boring Company will start to build a high-speed transit tunnel in Chicago

Elon Musk have a boring company, but how boring is that company when we know that they are building high-speed express trains? Not much. One of their first contracts is now a reality and people in Chicago can start to look forward to the future at O`Hare International Airport.

Three months after the Boring Company was selected as a finalist in a bid for Chicagos high-speed transit tunnel, the office of Mayor Rahm Emanuel confirmed on Wednesday that Elon Musks Boring Co has been chosen to build the express train that will connect O`Hare International Airport with downtown Chicago.

The Boring Companys transit system, likely in the form of underground high-speed tunnels, will come as a relief to the travelers who currently spend 40 minutes or more and pay as much as $60 for travel by taxi from the Loop, Chicagos downtown central business district, and O`Hare International Airport.

Passengers will be able to travel at high-speed between the two destinations in as little as 12 minutes and at a cost of $20 to $25 per trip.

The transit system will be part of an $8,5 billion overhaul of O`Hare airport. The Boring Company estimates project costs to come in below $1 billion.

The company is near completion on a test tunnel beneath SpaceX and will offer «free demo rides» to the public, barring final regulatory approval.


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