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Apple to visit CES for the first time since 1992 to talk about Privacy

Apple is back at CES (Consumer Electronic Show) in Las Vegas for the first time since 1992. But the tech giant isnt`t joining the CES show because it has a new innovative product. Apple is in Las Vegas to talk about Privacy which is a hot topic this year.

Former CEO John Sculley came from Pepsi to Apple and debuted at CES in 1992 with the Newton personal digital assistant. It was a disaster and it didn`t take long before Steve Jobs went back to the job again. I read Sculley`s book and that story is very interesting.

Now, CEO Tim Cook is running the company. And he wants to talk about something very important; Privacy.

Privacy is a fundamental human right. At Apple, it`s also one of our core values, they say on their web site. Your divices are important to so many parts of your life. What you share from those experiences, and who you share it with, should be up to you.

We design Apple products to protect your privacy and give you control over your information. It`s not always easy. But that`s the kind of innovation Apple believe in.

Well, let`s think about it. The phones we have today is called; Smart phones. Oh yeah?! How smart is it to have a smart phone actually? So far, it isnt smart at all. It is the most stupid thing you can have. Is that why they called it smart phone?

We know that people have been hacked, and information and pictures have been stolen and distributed in social media. It is still happening today. Someone can also tap your phone. They can listen to your conversations, and have a look at you on your camera.

The phones they produced in the 80`s and 90`s was much safer, because it was difficult, if not impossible to hack. Nor was it camera on it. Not as good as the phones are today, but much more safer. Until now. Fortunately.

Apple have developed a Privacy Policy that covers how they collect, use, disclose, transfer, and store your personal information. In addition to this Privacy Policy, they provide data and privacy information imbedded in their products connected with their Data & Privacy icon for certain features that ask to use your personal information.

This is what Apple will talk about at CES along with Facebook, Procter and Gamble and officials from the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to discuss how they can establish privacy protections in terms of size, regulation, and consumer demand.

Tech innovation seems to take much longer time than anticipated and there isn`t so much new innovative products to see at the CES 2020 this time. But in addition to Apple`s talk about privacy, they will be showing off its homekit smart home platform. A smilar product will be launched by competitor Google to add more capabilities to their IoT-powered divices.

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