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The Canadian government is invoking the Emergencies Act against a peaceful Freedom Convoy

PM Trudeau and the Canadian government is invoking the Emergencies Act for the first time, and he will use it against a peaceful Freedom Convoy. PM Trudeau can provide for the use of the military, but he said it may not necessarily lead to that.

What he can do is temporarily suspend citizens’ rights to free movement or assembly. And the government is taking steps to stop the financial support of illegal protests.

The Emergencies Act is a law passed by the Parliament of Canada in 1988 which authorizes the federal government to take extraordinary temporary measures to respond to public welfare emergencies, public order emergencies, international emergencies, and war emergencies.

The law repeals the War Measures Act passed in 1914. It asserts that any government action continues to be subject to the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms on the bill of rights.

Under the Emergencies Act, the federal Cabinet may declare a national emergency in response to an urgent and critical situation that cannot be dealt with by any existing law, and either is beyond the capability of a province to deal with it or threatens the sovereignty of Canada.

Before declaring a national emergency, the federal Cabinet must consult with provincial cabinets. In the case of a public welfare or public order emergency where the effects of the emergency are confined to, or occur principally in, one province, the Emergencies Act cannot be used in the provincial cabinet does not indicate that the situation is beyond the capacity of the province to deal with it.

The Emergencies Act lists several «public welfare emergencies» which result or may result, in danger to life or property, services, or resources, so serious as to be a national emergency. Public welfare emergencies include natural hazards such as fire, flood, drought, storm, or earthquakes, biological hazards including disease affecting humans, animals, or plants; and man-made hazards such as accidents or pollution.

The Canadian Security Intelligence Act, includes espionage, sabotage, detrimental foreign influences, activities that support the threat or use of violence for a political, religious, or ideological objective; or those activities which threaten to undermine or otherwise destroy, or overthrow the Government of Canada.

The Canadian Security Intelligence Act specifically notes that «lawful advocacy, protest or dissent» do not constitute «threats to the security of Canada».

After two years of lockdowns and restrictions, PM Trudeau said this; «This is about keeping Canadians safe, protecting people`s jobs, and restoring faith in our institutions.»

Trudeau is not preventing protesters to exercise their right to protest legally, but the news comes after the Ambassador Bridge, which is North America`s busiest land border crossing, reopened Sunday.

The Freedom protesters protested against the tyranny and Trudeau called them Nazis and threatened them with the Emergency Act and declared Canada to be a disgusting dictatorship. His popularity is at an all-time low of 16.

Narcissists are a big problem in the world today, and very often we see them in politics and the Mainstream Media. Their favorite weapon is always to gaslight their enemies. We saw it right after 9/11, and then after January 6th, and now in Ottawa in Canada. All peaceful protesters are considered to be domestic terrorists. But that is a big lie.

The truth is this; many of them are «targeted individuals.»

Trudeau will also regulate all crowdfunding and cryptocurrency under the terrorist financing act. Banks can temporarily freeze the personal and corporate bank accounts without a court order if these accounts are suspected of being used to support blockades, are protected from civil litigation if they chose to do so.

I talked with a friend of mine and he said something similar have happened to him. I told him that this has happened to me as well. At the beginning of April 2009, the stock market was at the bottom, I logged into my trading account and tried to buy some shares, but then, suddenly, something happened. They closed my account. Why?

I called the company and asked why they have closed my trading account. They said I need to sign a letter about money laundry and the terrorist financing act. Not only that. They also wanted to know my income, what my job is, who I`m working for, where I live, who I live together with, what interest I have in politics, if I know someone who is a politician, if someone in my family is engaged in politics, and so on.

What the heck is this? Do they want all this because I`m buying stocks? Come on maaaaaan.

I didn`t answer all the questions and I have never traded on that platform since then. It`s 13 years ago. I repeatedly ask myself; why did this come when we were at the bottom in the stock market? Is that a coincidence? Of course not.

According to Hanne Nabinu Heland, the Nobel Peace prize country in Norway is the worst country in Europe. Many people agree.

There is no doubt where this idea is coming from. I have seen this and many other disgusting things for years now. And there is no doubt that these people are collaborating. It`s a global network of crazy people that is gaslighting their enemies, which is ordinary people, or «we the people».

The New World Order elite have amassed wealth during Covid-19.

It seems like Canada, along with Australia, Italy, Austria and France are some of the nations that are most infiltrated by the globalists.

They attack Christian identity, more precisely the Catholic identity of these countries. We all remember when Notre Dame burned down in 2019. Was that a coincidence?

The global coup that in these two years of psycho-pandemic farce has been carried out by the globalist elite appears most clearly if we do not limit ourselves to considering what happened in individual Nations, but broaden our gaze to what has happened everywhere, writes his Excellence, Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò at Global Research.

Various elite networks, transnational, financial, and governmental are working toward a common agenda. It`s the elite versus «we the people», and you are considered to be a domestic terrorist. This is how they are gaslighting you.

Most Americans and Europeans are left in the dark and have no idea that day by day their lives come under more control in order to clear the way for agendas of which they are unaware.

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