State of the union adress 2020

A lot of people are advicing the president what to say at the State of the Union adress on Tuesday. Some conservatives on the right side want him to hammer the democrats for their impeachment embarrassment.

The democrats said Trump was illegitimate. They told the world that he was a racist bigot. They wanted to impeach him because Russia helped him to be elected. It was a hoax, so they started a new narrative; the Ukraine story. But that was also a hoax.

Republican Sen. Lindsay Graham of South Carolina said it would be smart to focus on other issus, encouraged Trump to be positive, and posited that most people are ready to move on from impeachment.

In 1999, President Bill Clinton gave the State of the Union in the same House chamber that had impeached him a month earlier, but he didn`t mention the proceedings in his adress, despite the fact that Clinton would be acquitted by the Senate not long later. Graham said Clinton did a great job at a time were he was a House impeachment manager.

The economy is booming like never before. The unemployment rate is low and wages are rising. We can expect the president to make a positive State of the Union adress on Tuesday. It`s always showtime when Trump is on the stage and so will it be on Tuesday.

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