Professor Jonathan Turley said this impeachment is wrong because this is not how you impeach an American President

Jonathan Turley is a professor at George Washington Univerity Law School, and he delivered his opening statement at the House Judiciary Committee`s public impeachment hearing today. He is an American lawyer, legal scholar, writer, commentator, and legal analyst in brodcast and print journalism.

Turley is frequently called on by congressional committees to testify regarding constitutional and statutory issus. Most notably he has testified to the House Judiciary Committee regarding the impeachment of U.S president Bill Clinton, and now Donald Trump.

Professor Jonathan Turley said “This is wrong because being mad is no basis for impeachment

Turley testified in favor of the Clinton impeachment. He is not a Trump supporter. Nor did he vote for Trump. Despite that, he is the only Republican witness testifying in the impeachment hearing before the House Judiciary Committee on Wednesday.

Turley seems to be a wise man. He said everybody is mad. Democrats are mad. Reputblicans are mad. He is mad. His wife is mad. His children is also mad. Even his dog is mad. And his dog is a goldendoodle and they don`t get mad, he testified.

Everybody is mad, he said. And where is that taken us? Will a sliphod impeachment make us less mad or will it only give an invitation for the madness to follow in every future administration? That is why this is wrong, Turley testified.

I assume Turley know what he is talking about. I have been watching this impeachment process for a long time and it`s not something new. Democrats and the Hate Trump Media have talked about impeachment for years. It started with the Russia Hoax, but it was all a big lie. Hoax. Now, they have this Ukraine process. Will they destroy him now? According to professor Turley; no.

He said he doesn`t hink Democrats have enough evidence that Trump committed bribery in his dealings with Ukraine, and the «record does not establish obstruction in this case.» Turley urged Democrats to do more thorough investigations. «Fast is not good for impeachment,» he said.

«I am concerned about lowering impeachment standards to fit a scarcity of evidence, and what we leave in the wake of this scandal will shape our democracy for generations» he said.

I wrote about the phone call with the president in Ukraine and I copied the conversation. A 300-page report is released and that report is full of words like «presume» and «assume.» As Turley said: «This would be the first impeachment that would lack compelling evidence of commission of a crime.»

«This impeachment would contrast from the other proceedings in U.S history because it would be based on a case «without a clear criminal act,» Turley states.

Professor Jonathan Turley ended his opening statement by saying this: «President Trump`s call was anything but perfect. This impeachment is wrong because this is not how you impeach an American President.»

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