CNN is cutting 300 jobs in a time were there is so many important stories

Fake News CNN is cutting 300 jobs and this is happening in a time were there is so many important stories to tell. But their raitings are declining and last month their raitings was the worst ever. CNN was once a well-respected organization that delivered hard news.

Now, CNN is just a shadow of what it was. Their hard news is replaced by «circus and tabloid» news. What`s left is just silly news, and they are struggling to retain viewers and compete against partisan rivals like Fox News.

CNN pioneered cable news long time ago but now they have lost its dominant position to Fox News. Some people call them Fake News Media, while others call them Communist News Network. Anyway, they attacked Trump and bet its future on the Russia Hoax, but they lost. Big time.

They started it all the day Trump was inaugurated. They showed picture of Trumps inauguration and compared it to Obamas. What they didnt tell the people is that the picture from Trumps inauguration was taken only minutes after the opening, which is hours before the inauguration starts. Obamas picture was taken after his inauguration started. Thats not fair. The Trump-haters lied.

The job cuts come on the heels of devastating April ratings. CNNs prime-time lineup plummeted 26 percent in April. Their total audience in prime-time was only 767,000. Thats nothing compared to Fox News with 2,395 million viewers.

Cuomo Primetime dropped to 971,000 viewers in April and thats the worst month in the shows history. Sean Hannity dominated the ratings with a total audience of 3,086 million while Tucker Carlson came in second with 2,834 million viewers.

CNN`s reputation is in the toilet and they can blame themselves. While their ratings are declining, so are their ad revenue.

They have for years said that Trump colluded with Russia but CNN`s popularity took a major hit when the Mueller report found that Trump neither colluded with the Russians nor obstructed the investigation.

CNN did something wrong. They continued with its conspiracy theories after the Mueller report night after night Prime-time. That`s Fake News, and people are sick and tired of it. Now, people understand that it is a Democratic-orchestrated witch hunt.

People have had enough of this «circus» and left-wing theatrics and anti-Trump historics at CNN.

Few if any prominent on-camera personalities will be taking buyouts or will get pink slips. It will be more anonymous staffers suffering the damage. Chris Cuomo, Brian Stelter, Manu Raju, Don Lemon and the Media Mob Boss Jim Acosta are going anywhere.

We do not expect any of them or other employees at CNN to blame themselves for their problems. If we understand the Media Mob right, they will blame on Donald Trump and his supporters.

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