Abraham Lincoln saved America for the first time. Can Donald Trump save America a second time?

America is divided with two different groups of people. This is not unique to America, but happening in Europe as well. And it has been going on for a very long time. What in the world is going on here? Watch the film «Death of nation» and make up your mind.

Abraham Lincoln was elected to unite a country and stop slavery, but Democrats smeared him, went to war against him and assassinated him. Now, they`re target is Donald Trump. Someone is trying to destroy America, but who is it? Mainstream Media say Trump is killing America. They say he is a racist and a fascist. But who is the real racist? Who are the real fascists?

We know that the Nazis didnt die in 1945. They changed their names and continued with their ideology. Both, Mussolini and Hitler set up and ran welfare states. It was done by the do-gooders. The liberals. The people who wanted to improve society.

Which party attacks the free speech? The religious liberty and the personal safety? A nation dies when its people are not free. But how did America get there?

It is many reasons, but look at the middle class. They are wiped out. Dinesh D`Souza talks about these five points to recognize the Nazi strategy:

  1. Broken down dilapidated and unsafe housing

  2. Broken families

  3. A high degree of violence required to hold the place together

  4. No one gets around

  5. Nihilism and despair

All the people around the world belive that the Nazi`s are on the right side. A right-wing extremists. But that is wrong. Hitler was a socialist and a nationalist. In other words; the Nazi`s are on the left side. Not on the right side.

D`Souza compares the political climate surrounding the 45th President of the United States Donald Trump to that of the 16th President, Abraham Lincoln. The film “Death of a nation” indicates that the Democratic Party from both eras was critical of both Presidents and argues that the Democrats have similarities to fascist regimes, including the Nazi Party.

In the documentary, D`Souza accuses the modern Democratic Party of racism, and attempts to demonstrate how Democrats have used accusations of racism, white supremacy, and fascism as a tool to discredit the political right.

He claims that the modern political left is currently using these types of accusations in attempts to remove Trump from office “by any means necessary.”

D`Souza also attempts to demonstrate a connection between the Democratic Party`s past racism and advocacy for white supremacy and the current party, while claiming that the Republican Party has not advocated for such things.

D`Souza also claims that fascism is a left-wing, rather than right-wing ideology, and that fascist regimes such as the Nazi Party have historically both praised the Democratic Party and utilized American racial law to inspire their own racial law.

These claims are used to draw parallels between the modern political climate surrounding the election and presidency of Donald Trump with the historical events surrounding Abraham Lincoln`s election, presidency, and assassination.

Dinesh D`Souza said his documentary was based on the books Hitler`s American Model: The United States and the Making of Nazi Race Law by James Whiteman, and Racism: A short history by George M Fredrickson.

Abraham Lincoln saved America for the first time. Can Donald Trump save America a second time? Thats a question from filmmaker Dinesh DSouza in his new film «Death of a nation.»

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