The Russia hoax, liars, leakers and liberals are all about corruption at the highest level

The Dems still cannot belive that Trump won the election in 2016. They still blame on Putin and Russia, but President Trump won despite the fact that nearly everybody in MSM tried to destroy him. Not only that, the FBI and the Deep State tried to steal the election. It is corruption at the highest level.

Analyst Gregg Jarret reveals the real story behind Hillary Clinton’s deep state collaborators in government in his book The Russia Hoax. The illicit scheme to clear Clinton and frame Donald Trump. His book is now a New York Times best seller.

Judge Jeanine Pirro is also out with a book called Liars, Leakers and Liberals. The case against the Anti Trump conspiracy. Another New York Times bestseller. This is the story the Fake News media doesn’t want you to hear. A withering indictment of the Deep State plot against Trump and a firsthand account to the real presidency.

At this point in American history, people are the victims of a liberal sabotage of the presidency unlike anything we’ve ever witnessed. Nevertheless President Trump continues to fight every day to keep his promise to Make America Great Again.

This is bad, and much deeper than everyone thought. Mueller’s team is about corrupting justice. This is a story about people who think they have more power than anyone else, and they belive that the law doesn’t matter. Thats what Mueller’s team is about.

Pirros book uncovers the elements of this conspiracy, including fake news propaganda, law enforcement corruption at the highest level, national security leaks by the intelligence community, bureaucratic resistance to lawful and constitutional executive orders issued by the duly elected president and crooked deals with foreign governments by U.S officials sworn to defend the U.S constitution.

A nation cannot survive treason from within, but this is not unique to the U.S. We all know the story behind John F Kennedy. People doesnt belive in the Warren commission story. They blame on the police force in Texas, and the Deep State in the U.S.

Right after Trumps inauguration, he said Look to Sweden, and he is right. Sweden is burning. A country that have a similar story. Prime Minister Olof Palme was killed, but people doesnt belive in the story in a case that still is open. People is Sweden blame on the Police force. Just like the U.S.

Swedish author Jan Guillou write about a similar story in his book The Enemy within. A novel about Ewa Tanguy. She transferred early in the novel from the fraud squad of the Swedish police to Sapo, the National Security Police, a branch which she herself distinguishes on several occasions from the real police.

Ewa have colleagues whose methods are not simply questionable but even illegal. More worrying to Ewa, and presumably the author, is the extent to which the not so good cops can behave badly with the sanctions of the law.

The author has his own reason for a grudge against Sapo. In 1973 he and fellow journalist Peter Bratt revealed the existence of a government agency which secretly gathered information on Swedish citizens at home and abroad, using illegal surveillance. The revelation caused a scandal in Sweden.

While the work is one of fiction, its firm basis in reality is clear to any reader whose country has introduced such laws to further the so-called war on terrorism. A press review quoted in the book itself describes the text as not a fiction but more of a warning cry. A view clearly supported by the interview with the author that follows the body of the text.

Contrary to the conventional police drama, this novel raises more questions than it answers, not only about the guilt or otherwise of those eventually convicted, but also about the rights of such suspects both before and after arrest, about laws designed to target particular groups in a community, and about the destruction of aspects of democracy by the very processes that are supposed to protect it.

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