Robert Mugabe resigned as President after a military takeover and his successor will be former Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa

Zimbabwe has been a disaster for a long time now. People are suffering and most of them want a change. I have a few friends from Zimbabwe who are born there and they have told me a lot of inside information about the country.

I also have some friends who have been running businesses over there and that has been a bad choice so far. Who is it to blame on? 93 years old President Robert Mugabe who has been ruling the country for about 37 years.

The big crisis began on November 6 when Mugabe fired Mnangagwa as Vice President in an apparent attempt to clear a path for his 52 years old wife, Grace Mugabe, to succeed him. Mugabe started to lose his grip on power.

Zimbabwe`s top generals launched what amounted to a military coup, placing the veteran leader under house arrest.

Robert Mugabe resigned as a President after a military takeover and the humiliation of impeachment. Mugabe`s successor will be former Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa. A long-awaited change that people in Zimbabwe are celebrating at the moment.

Mnangagwa is nicknamed “the crocodile” for his political cunning and longevity. He has been accused of orchestrating a string of massacre in the early 80s to consolidate Mugabes power, when he served as the leader`s spy chief.

The violence left up 20,000 dead, mostly supporters of Mugabe`s political opponents, but Mnangagwa denies the allegations.

Many historic things are happening in the world right now and this is one of them. A historic day for Zimbabwe that began when the countrys military leaders staged an unprecedented intervention to prevent the ascent to power of Mugabes wife, Grace.

At the beginning it looked like a coup, but now it seems like a popular revolt. People in Zimbabwe has been suppressed for a long time and today is a historic day for them. A new day. Hopefully for a better future for them all.

Robert Mugabe wrote in a letter “I have resigned to allow smooth transfer of power. Kindly give public notice of my decision as soon as possible.”

Southern Rhodesia was used as a name until 18 April 1980, when the name Rebublic of Zimbabwe was formally proclaimed. The colonial history of Southern Rhodesia lasted from the British governments establishment of the government of Southern Rhodesia on 1 October 1923, to Prime Minister Ian Smiths unilateral declaration of independence in 1965.

Following the Lancaster House Agreement of 1979 there was a transition to internationally recognized majority rule in 1980; the United Kingdom ceremonially granted Zimbabwe independence on 18 April that year.

In the 2000s Zimbabwes economy began to deteriorate due to various factors, including, the imposition of sanctions, such as among others the Zimbabwe Democracy and Economy Recovery Act of 2001, following the switch from Willing Buyer, Willing Seller to Fast Track land reform and also due to intensive economic corruption.

Theresa May said Mugabe`s resignation provided the country “with an opportunity to forge a new path free of the oppression that characterized his rule.”

Mugabe came to power as a freedom fighter and people looked at him as their own Nelson Mandela, but he ended up being a despot. His hardline policies pushed Zimbabwe into poverty.

Its flourishing economy began to disintegrate after a program of land seizures from white farmers, and agricultural output plummeted and inflation soared.

I wrote about it in an article from march 29, last year. The headline was “Sell your shares in Zimbabwe before April 1.”

It all started in year 2000, when Mugabe changed his economic policy and implemented land reform. Mugabe granted farmland owned by white citizens to indigenous black Zimbabweans. They turned from an agriculture exporter to an importer, which resulted in 94 percent unemployment rate and hyperinflation.

Mugabe also wanted to take over all diamond operations. He eager to nationalize Zimbabwe`s diamond industry, and news from Zimbabwe leaves little to be desired about the small former British colony.

Last year Mugabe said the country`s wealth had been looted by the existing miners.

“The state will now own all the diamonds in the country. Companies that have been mining diamonds have robbed us of our wealth. That is why we have now said the state must have a monopoly,” Robert Mugabe said in an interview with the state broadcaster in February last year.

Foreign investors were warned about their investments. Sell your shares to blacks or close before April 1st, was the message.

Companies owned by foreigners face closure unless they sell or give up 51% of their shares to black Zimbabweans by April 1, said indigenization Minister Patrick Zhuwao last year.

Mugabe also said this last year: “If white settlers just took the land from us without paying for it, we can, in a similar way, just take it from them without paying for it.”



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