40% less nitrogen dioxide in Paris

Pollution is a huge problem. The problem is not only in China, but in Paris too. Earlier this year, Paris was the world`s most polluted city! The noxious smog was so dense it almost obscured the French capital`s totemic landmark, the Eiffel Tower.

Not only that. Climate change is a global serious problem. According to a report from French Senate, the upper house of parliament, air pollution cost France €101,3bn a year in negative health, economic and financial consequences.


(Picture: Eiffel Tower, Paris)


In the same report, it said illnesses created or worsened by pollution included Alzheimer`s disease, heart disease, respiratory disease and some cancers. It also stated that polluted air is also linked to foetal development problems.

The report estimated that the pollution caused up to 45,000 premature deaths in France a year, from asthma, chronic bronchitis, heart attacks, lung cancer and strokes. The Senate criticised successive governments for a «failure to mobilise» to clean up the city`s air.

Now you know how serious Volkswagen`s manipulation of emissions data for diesel vehicles was?

The French claimed this was typical «German economic arrogance».

Last year, I wrote about the International climate meeting in France (November 2014), and ahead of that meeting, City mayor Anne Hidalgo is doing everything she can to clean up the air. On Twitter she said that she wants to eliminate diesel use in Paris. She also said that her goal is to eradicate this harmful fuel in Paris.

According to Airparif, the levels of nitrogen dioxide (NO2) in Paris have peaked at «very high». In the last 12 months, the average of the level of NO2 was 66µg/m3, which is above EU limit of 40µg/m3. The quai has now and then topped 100µg/m3,

Airparif also said pollution levels were up to double those allowed by the regulations. Five pollutants posed problems in the capital: benzene, nitrogen dioxide, ozone and the fine particles PM10 and PM2,5.

City mayor Anne Hidalgo has a plan. Last week (September 27) she arranged the city`s first «day without cars», and that arrangement led to a dramatic drop in both air and noise pollution.

Some parts of Paris registered about 40% less nitrogen dioxide in the air on September 27!

The noise was recorded by half in the same areas. Wow!

It is nitrogen dioxide that is producing smog. Can you imagine how it was on Champs-Èlysèes that day? The bustling Avenue des Champs-Èlysèes lowered the nitrogen dioxide levels by 30% that sunday. In other words; The last day of Tour de France is a great day! (I`m a bicycle enthusiast).

In a few weeks, many of the important world leaders will come together in Paris for what has been billed as the world`s biggest ever climate change conference. COP21 will seek an International agreement on dramatic measures to keep global warming below 2C. This is the war world leaders should spend time on.

I`m glad we have some leaders we can TRUST!



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