SENSE is launched

Sleep is very important. No doubt about that, but how much sleep do you need? It`s very individual, but some people only need 5 hours, while some others need more than 8 hours. The key is to sleep well when you sleep.


(Picture: Sense)

If you sleep very deep, some doctors say you only need 3 hours. That`enough. On the other hand; if you sleep bad for 10 hours, you will feel tired. You know it is important for athletes to sleep, but it`s important for traders to sleep too.

But many people around the world have a big problem here. They can`t sleep. They do not have a good sleep, and don`t know what to do. Someone in this world wants to change that. Someone that have developed a brand new product. An IoT (Internet of Things).

The company is called Hello Inc, and they is about to disrupt «sleep disruption» and they want to give the people answers to people`s simple question that nobody has yet asked: Why?

There are a lot of things out there that tells you about your sleep activity and can give you a historical log, like Jawbone, Sleep Cycle, Fitbit, Sleep Genius and Dormio. They all can track your sleep and can tell you that you woke up at 4:00 AM.

But the right question is: Why? Why did you wake up at 4:00 AM? If you don`t know and have the right answer, how can you prevent it from happening again? Here is where Hello Inc comes in. They have developed a brand new product called «Sense».

«Sense» do not only tracks your sleep, but it can also monitors your surrounding environment and this product comes in two different parts which is The orb and The «pill».

The Orb goes on your nightstand. It listens for noise and monitors the lighting and temperature. In addition; it pics up what kind of allergic particles are in the air.

The «Pill» is placed on you pillow and tracks the activity og quality of your sleep and it`s all based on the motions you make during the night.

«Sense» assigns a Sleep Score for each night and gives you specific details that answer the question; «Why did I sleep so bad last night?»

Watt: «Sense`s» light sensor may note that you`re using 100-watt light bulbs instead of the 75-watt bulbs you typically use. If you change the watt, then it will disturb you sleep and Sense will track that and tell you.

Heat: Sense`s «Pill» tracks that you`re tossing and turning more than you normally do. It recognize that you`re sleeping in a stifling 80 degrees instead of your normal 75 degree range.

Groggy: If you feel groggy in the morning and don`t know why, you can simply check your Sense and discover from the playback that its microphone picket up some noise from some drunk students in your garden at 3:00 AM.

Sense is also a Smart Alarm that wakes you up according to your specific sleep cycle.

They use Kickstarter to gain funding and they have catapulted to over $2 million in under four weeks now. This is a small company with a smart product and so far they have about 17,000 backers. Not bad. Earlier this year they raised $10,5 million in funding in January after allotting about $18,2 million in shares to be sold.

Hello Inc is founded by James Proud and they are 16 employees with an office in San Francisco’s Potrere Hill neighborhood and a host of elite Silicon advisors from former PayPal head David Marcus to former Apple iPhone senior engineer Andy Grignon.

What a team! What a culture! This is what I call a good society!

An investment in Sense isn`t just investing in your well-being, but it`s also a thumbs-up to entrepreneurism and supporting innovative projects through crowdfunding. SMART!

Sence will be released in November 2014. Sleep well!


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