Gold prices to decline?

Obama says they know that Assad regime was responsible for their attacks, and the facts cannot be denied. The fact is that the Obama administration has not laid of proof Assad was guilty. The congressmen do only have a 15-page political points memo to show the people and have so far no evidence. This affects the financial markets.

After trending down, the gold prices will take some time to bounce back. Right now the price is at 1.345 and that is below the solid support 1.350. Resistance was 1.400 and it seems like the gold prices will continue to fall. People are scared of gold, and it takes some time to get back on the track again.

HUI has a resistance at 280 – 285. If it moves above that area it is a key breakout. It has taken back a lot since the low in june. 236 should be a great support.


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