Truckers are winning

Truckers will go down in history as one of the biggest heroes ever for their bold behavior and peaceful attitude. They have inspired not only other people in Canada but also people in the U.S and the rest of the world.

Ontario said they will drop vax passport very soon, and they have also inspired many other places around the world. They will remove almost all restrictions for businesses as part of their reopening plan. Dr. Moore said they will remove the vaccine passport system.

Doug Ford said; «My friends, this is great news, and a sign of just how far we`ve come together in this fight.» What a great man!

Nobody wants to live in tyranny. Nor a police state. And now, another Canadien police officer speaks out against mandates. This is just another officer on the right side. Congratulations. Canada will go back to normal again and be great.

The officer wants to continue to fight for people`s rights and freedoms and to serve and protect her own citizens. This is the right mindset. The officer said: «I am still going to uphold the charter because that`s what I believe in. And that`s what I was hired to do. I stand for freedom, and I stand for the quick return of our country back to normal.» What a hero.

Trucker Carl Tharp-Porter said to Fox that America should still be at the forefront of freedom, and it`s in our blood to fight for what`s right, he said. It`s a no-brainer to have the freedom of choice. So, the American truckers are supporting their brothers in Canada and said they’re against mandates.

They are against force. They are against the tyranny of government. They want what everybody else in this world wants; freedom of choice. It`s their body and their choice. Porter said that what we have been watching is the classical race bate.

Many journalists have smeared the truckers. They have been calling them names like Qanonon supporters, Nazis, claiming that the protesters are unvaccinated, fringe minority, misogynist, extremist, Trump-supporters, Domestic terrorists, White supremacists, Homofob, Sexist, Racist, and so on. “Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities.” Voltaire once said.

This is how they always smear the right side. This is how they always demonize people on the right side. This is a classical “we” versus “them.” This is how they divide people. Classical race bate.

People who say things like that are always on the wrong side of history. They are also people you should all look out for. They aren`t healthy. And if you live in a country where people are silent about this, you are living in an unhealthy country. Probably a tyranny.

Remember what Hitler said; “If you tell a big enough LIE, and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed,” he said. You see how dangerous this is?

Journalists and Mainstream Media have lied so much about the Trucker story. It is unbelievable. They said it was only a few hundred protesters and a few trucks but this was far bigger than that, and now, it seems like the truckers in the U.S will do the same. Start a protest convoy. What the media have done in this case is a shame.

The protesters were from a least 40 different countries. They were people from both left and right. They were black and they were white, and most of all; they want FREEDOM! Not tyranny. “All tyrannies rule through fraud and force, but once the fraud is exposed they must rely exclusively on force.” – George Orwell

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